Nancy and Steven and Darlene


During an evening, a beautiful woman named Darlene is visiting her married female friend Nancy at the newly purchased house of Nancy and her husband Steven. Steven is not in the house, as he is away on an out-of-country business trip. At the moment, Nancy is giving Darlene a tour of the house, as it is Darlene’s first time there.

“It’s too bad Steven isn’t here,” Nancy says. “He would have been so happy to see you. He’s quite fond of you.”

“And I’m quite fond of Steven,” Darlene says.

Nancy leads Darlene into Nancy and Steven’s bedroom.

“This is the bedroom,” Nancy says.

In the bedroom, Nancy and Steven’s bed is against a wall. A very large framed photograph is hanging on that wall, directly overlooking the bed. The photograph is of Nancy and Darlene. In the photograph, they are on a beach. In the photograph, Nancy is standing in the distant background, barely visible. In the photograph, Darlene is standing in the immediate foreground, featured quite prominently. In the photograph, Darlene is wearing a very revealing bikini, and her perfect, shapely, sexy body is very, very visible.

Nancy notices that Darlene is looking at the photograph. “Do you remember that day that you, me, and Steven were at the beach together?” Nancy says.

“Yes, I remember,” Darlene says. “We all had a lot of fun that day.”

“That’s Steven’s favorite picture of me,” Nancy says. “It was his idea to hang the photograph there. He stares at it quite often. And he keeps a smaller version of it in his wallet.”

“I can see why Steven likes this photograph so much,” Darlene says. “You look so pretty in it.”

“I know!” Nancy says. “I really like how my hair looks in that picture. Do you want to see the kitchen?”

“Okay!” Darlene says.

They exit the bedroom.


During an evening, a married man named Steven enters an apartment building. His wife, a woman named Nancy, is at their house. Nancy doesn’t know that Steven is in this apartment building. She thinks Steven is stuck late at his place of work. He is not. That’s just a lie that he told her.

A beautiful woman named Oralene lives in this apartment building. Steven met Oralene earlier today while on his lunch break. She gave him the address to her apartment and invited him to visit her there tonight.

Steven very much likes Oralene. She reminds him of his wife’s friend, a beautiful woman named Darlene. Darlene is currently away on an out-of-country business trip. Steven is quite fond of Darlene. And Darlene is quite fond of Steven.

Steven goes to the front door of Oralene’s apartment and knocks on the door.

A beautiful woman answers the door, but it isn’t Oralene. This other beautiful woman looks very unpleasant and displeased to see Steven.

“Who are you?” she says.

“My name is Steven,” Steven says. “I’m here to see Oralene. She invited me here.”

The woman smirks derisively. “Why would Oralene invite you here?” she says. “You’re not her type. She only likes extremely physically attractive men. And you’re certainly not-”

“Who is it?” Oralene says from elsewhere in the apartment.

“It’s some loser named Steven,” the other woman says.

“Let him in,” Oralene says. “Tell him to join me in my bedroom.”

“Fine,” the other woman says, annoyed. To Steven, she says: “You heard her: come in and join her in her bedroom. She must be losing her mind to be interested in you.”

Steven enters the apartment, extremely bothered by this woman’s hostility. He wants to get away from her and to Oralene as quickly as possible.

The other woman points to a room in the apartment and says: “There’s Oralene’s bedroom.”

Steven enters Oralene’s bedroom and closes the door behind him.

Oralene is laying on her bed, which is covered with a pink bed sheet. Next to the bed is a very large dog cage.

“Hello, Steven,” Oralene says.

“Hello, Oralene,” Steven says.

“I’m so happy you came,” Oralene says.

“Who is that woman?” Steven says.

“She’s my friend,” Oralene says. “Her name is Cherrene. She’s visiting me for a few days.”

“She doesn’t seem to like me,” Steven says.

“I told her all about you before you arrived here,” Oralene says. “She knows you’re married, so she disapproves. She thinks you’re a despicable loser. But I don’t think you’re despicable. And I don’t care that you’re married. Join me on the bed, Steven.”

Steven joins her on the bed.

“Why do you have a dog cage in your bedroom?” Steven says.

“I used to have a dog,” Oralene says. “His name is Woofzie. He belonged to me and my boyfriend.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Steven says.

“Not anymore,” Oralene says. “He broke up with me last week. He was living in this apartment with me. After we broke up, he moved out and took Woofzie with him. But I don’t want to talk about my ex-boyfriend anymore. I want to focus on us.”

They begin kissing each other.

Suddenly, they both hear someone knocking on the front door of the apartment. Oralene pulls away from Steven.

“Are you expecting someone?” Steven says, fearful that somehow it is Nancy who is knocking on the front door.

“No,” Oralene says.

They hear Cherrene answer the front door and say: “Hello, Brian! I’m so glad you’re here! Come in!”

“Who’s Brian?” Steven says, now speaking in a low whisper so that only Oralene can hear him.

“That’s my ex-boyfriend!” Oralene says, speaking in a low whisper so that only Steven can hear her. “You have to hide! He’s much larger and stronger than you, and he gets extremely jealous! If he finds you here with me, he’ll beat you mercilessly! Hide in the dog cage! I’ll cover it with the bed sheet!”

Hurriedly, Steven goes into the dog cage. Oralene takes the pink bed sheet off the bed and covers the entire dog cage with it, and while she is doing that, part of the bed sheet pushes against the cage door, causing it to close and automatically lock from the outside, sealing Steven inside.

Cherrene knocks on the door to Oralene’s bedroom. “Oralene, you have a visitor!” Cherrene says.

Oralene opens the door to her bedroom. Brian and Cherrene are standing there.

Oralene says: “Hello, Brian. What are you doing here?”

“I want to get back together with you,” Brian says. “It was a mistake to break up with you, Oralene. I thought I didn’t love you, but I was wrong: you’re the only woman I love. I need you. Please take me back.”

“Oh Brian, of course I’ll take you back!” Oralene says.

Brian and Oralene kiss each other.

“I’m so happy for the both of you!” Cherrene says.

“Let’s go have dinner at our favorite restaurant,” Oralene says.

“Sounds good to me,” Brian says.

Brian and Oralene leave the apartment together.

Cherrene enters Oralene’s bedroom and removes the pink bed sheet from the dog cage, revealing Steven, who is still stuck inside it, unable to unlock the cage door from the position he is in.

“Get me out of here!” Steven says.

“Oh, I see that you’re trapped in the dog cage,” Cherrene says sarcastically. “How will you escape? Oh, I know: perhaps your wife can get you out of the cage. I’ll give her a call. What’s her phone number?”

“I won’t tell you,” Steven says.

“Perhaps I’ll call the police instead and tell them you’re a burglar who I’ve captured,” Cherrene says. “I’m sure Oralene will go along with that lie, rather than having Brian find out why you’re really here.”

“Oralene would never go along with a lie like that,” Steven says.

Cherrene smirks derisively. “You don’t know Oralene like I do,” she says. “But I suppose if you’re willing to take the risk…”

Cherrene takes out her phone and begins dialing a phone number.

“Wait!” Steven says. “Okay, you win: I’ll tell you my wife’s phone number.”

Cherrene stops dialing. Steven tells Cherrene his wife’s phone number.

Steven feels very defeated. He knows that after Cherrene speaks with Nancy, Nancy will eventually speak with her beautiful friend, Darlene. And after that, Darlene will no longer be fond of Steven.

Cherrene begins dialing the phone number of Steven’s wife, Nancy.