Melissa and Craig and Vanessa


A few moments after a man, Craig, gets married to a woman, Melissa, Craig suddenly realizes that he is madly, desperately, hopelessly in love with Melissa’s female friend, Vanessa.


During an afternoon, a married man, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, and Melissa’s unmarried female friend, Vanessa, are sitting at a table and having lunch together in the dining room of Craig and Melissa’s house. Melissa invited Vanessa over for lunch, with the intention of cheering Vanessa up, as Vanessa has been distraught over her recent break-up with a man she’d been dating.

At the moment, Vanessa is talking about her ex-boyfriend.

“He turned out to be such a sleazeball,” Vanessa says. “It seems like every man I date turns out to be a sleazeball. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to find a boyfriend who’s genuinely decent like you, Craig. You’re so lucky to have found Craig, Melissa.”

Melissa lovingly places one of her hands on one of Craig’s hands. “Yes, Craig is one of the few decent men in this world,” she says.

Vanessa grins, amused by a thought she’s had. “If only there was a way to create an exact duplicate of Craig for me,” she says.

Melissa grins, amused. “Yes, that would be wonderful,” she says. “Then we would both have a Craig. I would have my Craig and you would have his duplicate!”

Craig and Melissa and Vanessa are all laughing now.

“Yes,” Craig says. “Or maybe Melissa could have the duplicate and I could be with Vanessa!”

Vanessa and Melissa both pause from laughing momentarily, confused by Craig’s apparently jokey comment. The two women then resume laughing, still amused by their own jokey comments.

The conversation veers into a different, less interesting topic. While Melissa and Vanessa are discussing the topic, Craig notices that Melissa’s hand is still on his hand. He wishes Vanessa’s hand was there instead.


During an afternoon, a man, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, and Melissa’s female friend, Vanessa, are on a beach together. At the moment, they are all sitting in beach chairs and sunning themselves. Melissa is sitting between Craig and Vanessa. Craig would much rather be sitting between Melissa and Vanessa, so he could be closer to Vanessa, who he is secretly in love with, unbeknownst to both Melissa and Vanessa.

“It’s getting very hot now,” Vanessa says.

“Yes, the sun is in full effect,” Melissa says. “Vanessa, you should really apply some of that sun cream I brought. Otherwise, you’ll definitely get sunburn.”

“Would you apply it for me, Melissa?” Vanessa says. “I can never apply those creams to my body correctly. I always put on either too much or too little.”

“Sure, I’ll apply the cream for you,” Melissa says.

Melissa takes her bottle of sun cream and squirts a large amount of the cream into her hand. She then begins to apply the cream to various parts of Vanessa’s perfect, shapely, bikini-clad body. As Craig discreetly watches this sight, he knows he should be enjoying it, but all he feels is an intense jealousy toward his wife.


During an afternoon, a married man, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, are attending a party taking a place in a banquet hall. Many of their friends are also in attendance, including Melissa’s very beautiful female friend, Vanessa. Unbeknownst to Melissa and Vanessa, Craig is madly, deeply, hopelessly in love with Vanessa.

At the moment, Craig and Melissa are sitting at one table, and Vanessa and her current handsome boyfriend are sitting at another table. From where Craig is sitting, he sees that Vanessa’s boyfriend has a hand on one of Vanessa’s thighs underneath the table and is clearly quite familiar with Vanessa’s body. Craig wishes that it was his hand on Vanessa’s thigh.

“Would you like a taste?” Melissa says, speaking to Craig, referring to a piece of cake she is currently eating.

“Yes, I would like a taste,” Craig says, gazing at and thinking of Vanessa’s shapely body, which is forever out of his reach. “Just one taste. Just one small taste. Is that really so much to ask for?”

“Craig, are you okay?” Melissa, says, still oblivious. “Your eyes are watering.”

“I’m fine,” Craig says, wiping away his tears.