Grock and Jessica and Calvin


A man named Calvin, whose best friend is a male professional wrestler named Grock, receives a phone call from Grock’s beautiful girlfriend, Jessica.

“Hello, Calvin,” Jessica says, speaking in her ultra-sexy voice. “I need to speak with you about a very delicate matter. Can you meet me at my house?”

“Absolutely,” Calvin says, his voice cracking, overwhelmed by this unexpected-but-very-welcome invitation to Jessica’s house.

“Great,” Jessica says. She ends the phone call.

A few minutes later, Calvin is on a street, walking to Jessica’s house. While on this journey, he sees a convenience store. He stops in front of the store to observe the cover of a magazine that is on display in the store’s window. A picture of Jessica is on the magazine’s cover. In the picture, Jessica is wearing only a very revealing black bikini, her perfect, shapely body on display.

Jessica is a model.

While staring at the magazine cover, Calvin takes a deep breath. Jessica’s beauty can be overwhelming.

Later, Calvin arrives at Jessica’s house. She lets him in. She is wearing a very revealing purple robe, the curves on her body fully outlined.

“Thanks for coming, Calvin,” Jessica says.

“My pleasure,” Calvin says.

“I realize my requesting you here must have seemed strange,” Jessica says. “But what I want to discuss with you didn’t seem appropriate to discuss over the phone.”

“Okay,” Calvin says, mesmerized by Jessica’s pretty face and Jessica’s sleek black hair.

“Calvin, you must never tell Grock about this meeting we’re having, no matter how it turns out,” Jessica says. “Promise me you’ll keep it a secret forever.”

“I promise,” Calvin says. “You can trust me, Jessica.”

“Thank you so much, Calvin,” Jessica says. “You’re such a good friend to me. I can see why Grock thinks so highly of you.”

“Where… is Grock?” Calvin says, suddenly imagining a troubling scenario in which Grock – big, tall, athletic, muscular Grock – is using his big, meaty fists to pummel Calvin mercilessly after catching Calvin having a secret meeting with Jessica.

“Grock is at the gym, working out,” Jessica says. “He’ll be there for the rest of the day. He’s getting ready for his wrestling match tonight. This is such an important night for him.”

“I know,” Calvin says.

As Calvin and Jessica already know, Grock is going to be receiving a title shot from the current champion of the professional wrestling organization that Grock is a part of. If Grock wins the championship tonight, it will be a great victory for him.

This match tonight won’t be Grock’s first chance to become the champion. He has received a title shot already. He lost.

In order to qualify for the first title shot, Grock had to win many, many wrestling matches. After losing to the champion, Grock was stripped of his number-one contender status and had to start all over again to qualify for another title shot, per the professional wrestling organization’s rules.

“Calvin, I need you to know, I love Grock, so very, very much,” Jessica says. “And I want him to win the championship tonight, so very, very badly.”

“As do I,” Calvin says, sneaking a glance at Jessica’s chest.

“It’s my fault Grock lost his first title match,” Jessica says. “It’s all my fault. He and I had met and begun dating a few weeks before his first title shot. Those were very, very enjoyable weeks for us both. We spent most of our days and nights having hot, passionate intimate encounters with each other. But after he lost his title match, I realized that I had messed up his chance of becoming champion. I had been a distraction. I had taken his focus away from his goal. In those weeks leading up to that title match, Grock should have spent his time training and preparing for it, but instead he spent that time indulging in my luscious, curvaceous body.”

“There are worse ways to waste one’s time,” Calvin says.

“After Grock lost that title match, I vowed that I would never again distract him from his goal of becoming champion,” Jessica says. “I told Grock that I would never let him touch me again until after he wins the wrestling championship.”

“So… ever since that first title match… you and Grock haven’t…” Calvin says.

“No, we haven’t,” Jessica says.

“Not even-” Calvin says.

“No,” Jessica says. “Not even that.”

“So that explains why Grock seems so frustrated all the time lately,” Calvin says.

“Yes,” Jessica says. “I’ve kept him frustrated for a very, very long time. And hopefully, his desire for me will be enough motivation needed to win him the wrestling championship tonight. And then, if he wins tonight, I will reward him immensely, giving myself to him completely, in a union of absolute carnal ecstasy!”

“It sounds wonderful,” Calvin says.

“Yes,” Jessica says. “But if Grock doesn’t win his match tonight… then I will have to continue denying him access to my body… and it could be a very, very long time before he earns another title shot… and if he loses again… As you can see, it could be a very, very long time before Grock and I get to indulge in each other. And that would be frustrating not just for Grock, but also for me. I have needs, Calvin. Needs that only men can satisfy. Not being with Grock has been torture for me. I crave him so badly, but I mustn’t give into that temptation, no matter how burning my desires are. But if Grock loses again tonight and my needs continue to go unsatisfied, I’ll go crazy! I have a void in me that can not go unfilled much longer. If Grock loses tonight, I will not be a able to hold out any longer: some other man will have to begin filling my void, as a substitution for Grock while he continues to pursue his goal of becoming the wrestling champion. I’ve talked it over with my female model friends, and we’ve come to the conclusion that, in light of these unusual circumstances, it’s okay for me to cheat on Grock, as long as he never finds out about it, and as long as the man I’m cheating on Grock with is someone I’m not at all physically attracted to. That’s why I asked you here, Calvin. You’re the only man who I both trust and am not at all attracted to. If Grock loses his match tonight, will you become my secret substitute lover? I would be ever so grateful, and I can promise that, in return for your services, I would provide you with a pleasurable experience like no other.”

Calvin is stunned. He is standing before one of the most beautiful women in the universe, in a situation with her that previously seemed relegated to his dreams and fantasies.

Jessica, mistaking Calvin’s stunned expression as a sign of hesitation, says: “I know this is not an easy decision for you to make, Calvin. I know that your friendship with Grock means a lot to you, and you might think that it would be a horrible betrayal of that friendship if you were to-”

“I’ll do it,” Calvin says.

Jessica beams with delight. “Oh, I’m so happy to hear that!” she says. “You’re such a good friend, Calvin. I can’t thank you enough for this.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll come up with many ways to express your gratitude,” Calvin says, looking at Jessica’s sexy lips.

“Yes, perhaps, but hopefully Grock will win the championship tonight and I won’t need to have an affair with you,” Jessica says. “I hope Grock wins tonight.”

“Yes, I hope so too,” Calvin says, lying.

“Well, I guess you should leave now,” Jessica says. “Grock will be stopping by soon, and if he finds you here with me, he’ll beat you mercilessly. Will you be attending Grock’s match tonight at the stadium?”

“Yes, I’ll be there,” Calvin says.

“Wonderful!” Jessica says. “I will see you then. Goodbye, Calvin.”

“Goodbye, Jessica,” Calvin says. He exits her house.

Later, as Calvin is walking back to his home, he sees the same convenience store from earlier. He stops in front of the store to again observe the sexy picture of Jessica on the cover of the magazine that is on display in the store’s window. He thinks about how so many men desire Jessica, and how most of them have only been able to experience her through pictures like this one. He thinks about how soon, very soon, he may get to become one of the lucky few men who have experienced Jessica for real… and how he’ll never again have to resort to purchasing magazines such as this one.

“Please lose tonight, Grock,” Calvin says, staring at the picture of Jessica. “Please lose tonight, you big, stupid oaf. That’s all you have to do: just continue being a loser. Please, please, please lose your match tonight.”

Later, in the evening, in a crowded stadium, whose attendees include Calvin and the lovely Jessica, the wrestling match between Grock and the current champion is occurring. The match ends with Grock defeating his opponent to win the championship. Everyone in the audience, except for Calvin, is now applauding Grock’s victory. Jessica kisses Grock passionately and they then leave the stadium together.

Later, while Calvin is walking home, he sees the same convenience store from earlier. He stops in front of the store to again observe the sexy picture of Jessica on the cover of the magazine that is on display in the store’s window. Feeling very defeated, Calvin goes into the store to purchase the magazine.


During an afternoon, a man named Calvin is standing on a street outside of a convenience store. Calvin is staring at the cover of a magazine that is on display in the store’s window. A picture of a beautiful woman named Jessica is on the magazine’s cover. In the picture, Jessica is wearing a very revealing pink blouse and an equally revealing pink mini-skirt, her perfect, shapely body on display.

Jessica is a model. She is also the girlfriend of a male professional wrestler named Grock. Grock is Calvin’s best friend. Calvin has a hopeless, unrequited desire for Jessica.

As Calvin is staring longingly at the magazine cover, another man, who has been walking down the street, stops near Calvin and begins staring at the magazine cover as well.

The other man says to Calvin: “That model Jessica is really something, isn’t she? A total hottie. She’s dating that professional wrestler, Grock, isn’t she? Lucky guy. I wonder what it’s like. I’ll tell you what I’d be doing with her if she was my girlfriend…”

The other man begins making various vulgar gestures with his hands and tongue. Calvin watches the other man, absolutely disgusted and miserable.

Later, in the late evening, Calvin is sleeping on his bed in his apartment. He is dreaming.

In his dream, Calvin is facing Jessica. Jessica is wearing the same pink blouse and pink skirt from the magazine cover. She is smiling at Calvin. She leans in to kiss him. He leans in to kiss her. Suddenly, Jessica is no longer Jessica. Instead, in Jessica’s place is the disgusting, vulgar man that Calvin encountered on the street earlier today. The other man is making vulgar gestures at Calvin with his hands and tongue.

Calvin wants to wake up, but he won’t be waking up anytime soon.


During a hot afternoon, a photo shoot is occurring on a beach. The subject of the photo shoot is a very beautiful woman named Jessica. Jessica is a professional model.

At the moment, on the beach, Jessica is wearing a very revealing purple bikini and posing provocatively while a famous photographer takes a picture of her.

Also on the beach are the photographer’s many, many assistants. Most of these assistants are watching Jessica, mesmerized by her curvaceous body.

Also on the beach is a man named Calvin. Calvin is also watching Jessica, mesmerized by her curvaceous body.

Calvin’s best friend is a very large, very muscular man named Grock. Grock is a professional wrestler. Jessica is Grock’s girlfriend.

Grock isn’t here on the beach today. He is elsewhere, at a wrestling event.

Calvin recently lost his office job. It happened due to his supervisor finding multiple magazines hidden in the desk drawer of Calvin’s work station. Each of the magazines featured Jessica on its cover, wearing very little and posing provocatively. Calvin’s supervisor deemed these magazines highly inappropriate for an office workplace, and thus terminated Calvin.

After learning that Calvin had become unemployed, Grock convinced Jessica to hire Calvin to be her personal assistant.

Speaking to Calvin in private, Grock said: “I did this to help you out, Calvin, but also to help me out. You’re my best friend, and the only man I trust around Jessica. I’m worried that she might cheat on me again. But with you as her personal assistant, you’ll be able to keep an eye on Jessica for me when I’m not around.”

“I would be happy to keep an eye on Jessica… for you,” Calvin said.

Unbeknownst to Grock, Calvin would very much like to have carnal intercourse with Jessica. The idea of getting to be Jessica’s personal assistant very much appealed to Calvin, as it meant he would get to be around her often.

Unfortunately for Calvin, Jessica is also unaware of Calvin’s deep, throbbing desire for her. Jessica thinks of Calvin as nothing more than a platonic friend who she is not at all attracted to.

The photo shoot occurring on the beach today is for a calendar that will feature a different image of Jessica for each of the twelve months of the year. Proceeds for the sales of this Jessica calendar will be donated to a charitable organization that Jessica supports.

Having finished doing the photograph for the first month of the year, everyone is now getting ready to do the photograph for the next month.

Calvin hands Jessica a towel. She uses it to wipe some sweat off her face.

“Thank you, Calvin,” she says. “It’s so hot today.”

“Yes,” Calvin says, looking at Jessica’s body. “So very, very hot.”

“I really hope a lot of men buy the calendar,” Jessica says.

“I’m sure a lot of men will,” Calvin says.

“And I really hope it raises awareness of the charitable organization,” Jessica says.

“I’m sure it will raise awareness, among other things,” Calvin says.

“I really hope the calendar causes men to have the urge to donate money to the charitable organization,” Jessica says.

“I’m sure the calendar will cause men to have the urge to do something,” Calvin says.

One of the photographer’s assistants walks up to Jessica and hands her an absurdly skimpy green bikini and says: “Jessica, here is the bikini you’ll be wearing for the next photograph.”

“I hope this doesn’t cover up too much of my body,” Jessica says.

“I love you,” Calvin says, speaking too low for Jessica or anyone else to hear him.

“Help me get changed, will you, Calvin?” Jessica says.

“I’d be happy to,” Calvin says.

On the beach, there is a small, portable dressing room that was set up for Jessica. The dressing room is composed of four walls and no ceiling. Each wall is made of frosted glass.

Jessica enters the frosted glass dressing room.

Calvin is standing just outside the frosted glass dressing room. From where he is standing, he sees Jessica’s silhouette in the frosted glass. He watches the silhouette version of Jessica slowly remove the top part and bottom part of the purple bikini.

Jessica tosses the two parts of the purple bikini over one of the frosted glass walls, toward Calvin, and says: “Hold these for me, will you?”

The top part of the purple bikini lands around Calvin’s neck, and the bottom part of the purple bikini lands on Calvin’s face.

This is hell, Calvin thinks, knowing that he will never get to be with Jessica, and also knowing that he will never be able to bring himself to voluntarily resign from being Jessica’s personal assistant.

Jessica begins putting on the green bikini, happily oblivious to Calvin’s unrequited desire for her.