Unfortunate Andrew Meets a Women’s Precision Dance Troupe

During an evening, a sleazy, handsome man with major money problems named Andrew Squervil enters a nightclub that he knows is frequently populated by beautiful, rich, single women. Andrew has a goal to become rich. He intends to accomplish this goal by conning a rich, preferably beautiful woman into marriage, thereby gaining access to her wealth. Andrew hopes to meet such a woman here in the nightclub tonight.

Seducing women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at. However, for some reason, thus far, all of his attempts to marry a rich woman for her money have ended in failure.

While in the nightclub, Andrew meets a beautiful, single, rich, blond woman named Nolda. He begins conversing with Nolda, trying to charm and seduce her.

While conversing with Nolda, Andrew learns many things about her, including that she is the owner of a precision dance company; and that the company consists of a well-known women’s precision dance troupe. The troupe consists of twenty-five beautiful women who are all very tall and have very long legs. Their style of dance is a mixture of modern dance and classic ballet. Their best-known dance routine, which Andrew is familiar with, is an eye-high leg kick in perfect unison in a chorus line, which they include at the end of every performance.

Nolda is quite taken with Andrew. Eventually, she leaves the nightclub with Andrew, and they go to her mansion. In her mansion, Andrew completes his seduction of her. That night, Nolda, who is very fond of horseback riding, rides Andrew like a horse, first literally and then figuratively.

A month later, things are going well between Andrew and Nolda. Andrew has moved into Nolda’s mansion and is engaged to her. They are scheduled to get married in a few months. Andrew would like to have finished conning Nolda into marriage already, but she wanted several months to plan an elaborate, lavish wedding ceremony.

One day, Nolda learns from one of her maids that various parts of her mansion have become infested with mold. Nola hires a professional service to remove all the mold from the mansion. She learns that the mold removal process will take a month. Out of health concerns, Nolda tells Andrew that they’ll need to stay somewhere else while the mansion is being treated.

“I guess we’ll stay in a hotel?” Andrew says, thinking of a super-luxurious hotel he’d stayed in once before.

“No need,” Nolda says. “The mansion that my women’s precision dance troupe live in has a special guest bedroom. We’ll stay there for the month.”

Andrew gulps. He has been trying very hard to not cheat on Nolda. His tendency to engage in infidelity has ruined numerous previous opportunities he’s had to con a rich woman into marriage. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. The idea of spending a month in a mansion with twenty-five other beautiful women seems like a recipe for doom for Andrew.

And it is. Toward the end of Andrew and Nolda’s month in the women’s precision dance troupe’s mansion, Andrew has become involved in secret affairs with all twenty-five female dancers, each one unaware that Andrew is cheating on Nolda with anyone but her. Of course, eventually, one day in the mansion, Nolda and the twenty-five female dancers simultaneously discover all of Andrew’s infidelities. Enraged, Nolda breaks up with Andrew, dooming him to continue not being rich. Before Andrew can leave the women’s precision dance troupe’s mansion and return to the crummy apartment he lived in before meeting Nolda, the twenty-five female dancers pummel Andrew mercilessly for a very long time, taking turns kicking him with their long legs, in a very choreographed fashion that is visually stunning.