Horrible Multi-day Employee Retreat – Part 7

In an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world, there is a resort island. At a fancy hotel on the island, various people are relaxing around the hotel’s outdoor, in-ground pool. One such person is a very tall, very muscular, brunette female bodybuilder named Victoria. Victoria is laying on her stomach on a beach lounge chair, wearing half of a bikini, topless, with her eyes closed, sunning herself.

Victoria is part of a professional bodybuilding team. They are on this resort island as part of a retreat.

Kneeling beside Victoria is her new boyfriend, a man named Nerwin. Nerwin met Victoria on the boat ride to this island. Nerwin is an employee of a corporation that manufactures and sells popular honey products. He and his co-workers are also on this resort island as part of a retreat. At the moment, Nerwin is kneeling beside Victoria and applying sun cream to her backside.

As he moves his hands across Victoria’s overly muscular, increasingly shiny body, Nerwin wonders how he is going to go about getting out of this horrible relationship. He wishes he never met Victoria, and he wishes he’d never made the drunken mistake of getting intimately involved with her, but he hasn’t yet been able to work up the courage to break up with her.

He imagines what will happen if he never breaks up with her: a continuation of the many, many miseries he’s already endured since the start of their relationship, including but not limited to: wearing a dog collar to please her; being suspended in mid-air by Victoria’s overly muscular legs; eating her edible underwear; cleaning every inch of her sweaty, post-workout body with his tongue; and applying sun cream to her overly muscular body.

The idea of having to continue enduring all that is Victoria suddenly emboldens Nerwin. He decides he must act now. He opens his mouth, about to declare to Victoria that he wants to break up with her.

Suddenly, he stops, as he sees a very tall woman named Milana entering the pool area and coming toward him. She looks furious.

Milana is one of Nerwin’s co-workers. She hates Nerwin and torments him at every opportunity.

“Nerwin,” Milana says menacingly. “I told you I don’t want to see you around, anywhere, ever! I told you you’re forbidden from leaving your hotel room for the rest of the retreat! Now you’re going to pay for disobeying me.” She grabs a nearby glass of tomato juice. “I’m going to pour this on your head,” Milana says. “And then I’m going to make you get me another glass of tomato juice, so I can pour that one on your head too!”

Victoria gets up and stands between Nerwin and Milana.

Milana is clearly intimated by Victoria.

Milana says: “Who- Who are you?”

“I’m Victoria,” Victoria says. “I’m Nerwin’s girlfriend. Nerwin belongs to me. And only I can torment him, if I wish to do so.”

To illustrate her point, Victoria grabs the glass of tomato juice from Milana and pours it on Nerwin’s head.

“Now get out of here,” Victoria says, speaking to Milana.

Milana walks away, quickly leaving the pool area.

Victoria resumes laying on her stomach on the beach lounge chair.

“Thanks… I think,” Nerwin says, wiping off the tomato juice.

“She won’t bother you anymore… as long as you’re with me,” Victoria says.

“Yes,” Nerwin says, sadly realizing that he’ll need to stay in this relationship with Victoria to avoid the wrath of Milana.

“Victoria… why did you pour the glass of tomato juice on me?” Nerwin says.

Victoria closes her eyes and says: “Less talk, more sun cream.”

Nerwin resumes applying sun cream to Victoria’s body.