Horrible Multi-day Employee Retreat – Part 5

On an ocean is a cruise ship. The ship is traveling to a resort island.

In one of the ship’s many guest rooms, a man named Nerwin is standing by the bed, very quietly getting dressed. A very muscular, brunette female bodybuilder named Victoria is laying on the bed, sleeping. Nerwin is trying very, very hard to not wake her.

Victoria is the guest that is staying in this room. She is a member of a professional bodybuilding team that is traveling to the resort island for a retreat.

Nerwin is a low-level employee of a corporation that manufactures and sells popular honey products. He and his co-workers are also traveling to the resort island for a retreat.

Nerwin met Victoria on this ship. He immediately found her repulsive. Her very muscular bodybuilder body is unappealing to Nerwin.

Unfortunately for Nerwin, he made the fatal mistake of accepting an alcoholic beverage from Victoria. Nerwin rarely drinks alcoholic beverages and his body has a very low tolerance of alcohol. Whenever he drinks alcohol, he ends up waking up in a situation he doesn’t want to be in. After having that drink from Victoria, the next thing Nerwin remembers is waking up in this room many hours later, on the bed, without clothes, with Victoria’s sleeping body wrapped around his.

Nerwin spent the last two hours very slowly extracting himself from Victoria without waking her. He intends to sneak out of the room and hopefully never see Victoria again during the retreat.

Now fully-dressed, Nerwin sneaks over to the door and slowly opens it.

Much to his dismay, he sees a female co-worker named Milana walking in the hallway. Milana hates Nerwin and makes his life a living hell at every opportunity.

Instinctively, he slams the door shut before Milana can notice him. Then he realizes that the sound of the slamming door has undoubtably woken Victoria up.

“Why are you standing by the door?” Victoria says, now awake.

“Just stretching my legs,” Nerwin says.

Victoria grins. “I know a better way you could stretch your legs,” she says. Without getting out of the bed, she takes a condom out of her nearby purse. She tosses the condom at Nerwin. Compulsively, he catches it.

He gulps. He doesn’t want to go out of the room, as Milana is out there in the hallway. He proceeds to walk toward Victoria, trying to hide his disgust.