Horrible Multi-day Employee Retreat – Part 4

On an ocean, there is a cruise ship. The ship is traveling toward a resort island in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world.

On the ship are many, many people. Many of those people are employees of a corporation that manufactures and sells popular honey products. They are going to the resort island for their corporation’s first annual multi-day employee retreat.

On the ship’s deck, a sleazy, handsome, male employee of the corporation named Thad is laying on a beach lounge chair. A beautiful woman named Delila is sitting on a beach lounge chair next to him and is feeding Thad cherries. Delila is the honey corporation’s owner and president. She is very, very infatuated with Thad.

“Are you having a good time, Thad?” Delila says.

“Yes,” Thad says. “A great time. These cherries are really good.”

“Do you like the taste of cherries?” Delila says.

“I love the taste of cherries,” Thad says.

“I’m wearing a cherry-flavored lipstick,” Delila says.

“So?” Thad says.

“So… maybe… if you like the taste of cherries… you would like to-” Delila says.

“Who are all those bodybuilders?” Thad says, nodding at a group of very muscular men and very muscular women elsewhere on the deck.

“They’re bodybuilders,” Delila says. “They’re a professional bodybuilding team. They’re also going to the resort island for an employee retreat.”

Thad notices that one of the male bodybuilders is applying sun cream to the backside of one of the honey corporation’s female employees, a woman named Milana. Milana looks like she is very much enjoying having the bodybuilder’s hands on her body.

“I wonder where Nerwin is,” Thad says.

Nerwin is a low-level male employee of the honey corporation. Nerwin dislikes Thad, but Thad is oblivious to that dislike.

Below the ship’s deck, in the ship’s workout room, a very muscular brunette woman named Victoria is lifting weights. Victoria is a member of the bodybuilder team.

Victoria stops lifting weights when she hears noise coming from a very large garbage can that is nearby. She notices that the lid on top of the garbage can is very thoroughly taped onto it. Victoria removes all the tape and then removes the lid. Inside the garbage can is Nerwin. He is covered in some type of foul-smelling slime.

Nerwin looks up at the very muscular woman who is looking down at him with great interest. He instantly finds the woman repulsive. All of her muscles are very unappealing to Nerwin.

“Who are you?” Victoria says, helping him out of the garbage can.

“My name is Nerwin,” Nerwin says.

“Why were you in that garbage can?” Victoria says.

“Milana put me in there… after she covered me in slime,” Nerwin says.

“Who’s Milana?” Victoria says.

“She’s an evil woman… and a co-worker of mine,” Nerwin says. “She hates me.”

“Are you an employee of that honey corporation that’s going to the resort island for a retreat?” Victoria says.

“Yes,” Nerwin says.

“I’m also part of a group that’s going there for a retreat,” Victoria says. “What room on the ship are you staying in?”

“I don’t know,” Nerwin says. “Milana got me before I even had a chance to find out such information.”

“Well, you need to get all this slime off you as soon as possible,” Victoria says. “You can take a shower in my room. I’ll take you there now.”

“That’s so kind of you,” Nerwin says, trying to avoid the sight of Victoria’s sweaty muscles.

“Think nothing of it,” Victoria says. “My name is Victoria, by the way.”

If only she was attractive, Nerwin thinks.

Many hours later, Nerwin wakes up on the bed in the ship room that Victoria is staying in. He is without clothes and has a terrible headache. The last thing he remembers is drinking an alcoholic beverage that Victoria offered to him after he’d finished showering. He knows he made a mistake; that his body has a very low tolerance for alcohol; and that whenever he drinks alcohol, he always ends up waking up in situations he doesn’t want to be in.

Today is no exception. Victoria is also on the bed, without clothes. She is sleeping. Her large, muscular arms and large, muscular legs are wrapped around Nerwin. Her sleeping face is only inches away from Nerwin’s face.

Nerwin wishes this horrible multi-day employee retreat will be over soon. It won’t be.