Untitled Unfortunate Andrew Story

During an evening, a sleazy, handsome man with major money problems named Andrew Squervil enters a nightclub that he knows is frequently populated by beautiful, rich, single women. Andrew has a goal to become rich. He intends to accomplish this goal by conning a rich, preferably beautiful woman into marriage, thereby gaining access to her wealth. Andrew hopes to meet such a woman here in the nightclub tonight.

Seducing women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at. However, for some reason, thus far, all of his attempts to marry a rich woman for her money have ended in failure.

While in the nightclub, Andrew meets a beautiful, tall, single, rich, brunette woman named Jacqueline Debenedictus. He begins conversing with her, trying to charm and seduce her.

Jacqueline is quite taken with Andrew. Eventually, she leaves the nightclub with Andrew, and they go to her mansion. In her mansion, Andrew completes his seduction of her.

Jacqueline is so pleased with Andrew that she invites him to stay in her mansion for the whole night and have breakfast with her tomorrow. Andrew accepts her offer, thinking that their relationship is off to a great start.

Unfortunately for Andrew, later that night, Jacqueline wakes up in her bed and notices that Andrew is no longer next to her in the bed. She gets up and goes looking for him. Unfortunately for Andrew, Jacqueline finds him in the mansion’s parlor while he is cheating on her with her sexy female maid. Enraged, Jacqueline punches Andrew, causing him much pain. Jacqueline then banishes Andrew from her mansion and her life, dooming him to continue not being rich.