Twelve Months of Jessica

During a hot afternoon, a photo shoot is occurring on a beach. The subject of the photo shoot is a very beautiful woman named Jessica. Jessica is a professional model.

At the moment, on the beach, Jessica is wearing a very revealing purple bikini and posing provocatively while a famous photographer takes a picture of her.

Also on the beach are the photographer’s many, many assistants. Most of these assistants are watching Jessica, mesmerized by her curvaceous body.

Also on the beach is a man named Calvin. Calvin is also watching Jessica, mesmerized by her curvaceous body.

Calvin’s best friend is a very large, very muscular man named Grock. Grock is a professional wrestler. Jessica is Grock’s girlfriend.

Grock isn’t here on the beach today. He is elsewhere, at a wrestling event.

Calvin recently lost his office job. It happened due to his supervisor finding multiple magazines hidden in the desk drawer of Calvin’s work station. Each of the magazines featured Jessica on its cover, wearing very little and posing provocatively. Calvin’s supervisor deemed these magazines highly inappropriate for an office workplace, and thus terminated Calvin.

After learning that Calvin had become unemployed, Grock convinced Jessica to hire Calvin to be her personal assistant.

Speaking to Calvin in private, Grock said: “I did this to help you out, Calvin, but also to help me out. You’re my best friend, and the only man I trust around Jessica. I’m worried that she might cheat on me again. But with you as her personal assistant, you’ll be able to keep an eye on Jessica for me when I’m not around.”

“I would be happy to keep an eye on Jessica… for you,” Calvin said.

Unbeknownst to Grock, Calvin would very much like to have carnal intercourse with Jessica. The idea of getting to be Jessica’s personal assistant very much appealed to Calvin, as it meant he would get to be around her often.

Unfortunately for Calvin, Jessica is also unaware of Calvin’s deep, throbbing desire for her. Jessica thinks of Calvin as nothing more than a platonic friend who she is not at all attracted to.

The photo shoot occurring on the beach today is for a calendar that will feature a different image of Jessica for each of the twelve months of the year. Proceeds for the sales of this Jessica calendar will be donated to a charitable organization that Jessica supports.

Having finished doing the photograph for the first month of the year, everyone is now getting ready to do the photograph for the next month.

Calvin hands Jessica a towel. She uses it to wipe some sweat off her face.

“Thank you, Calvin,” she says. “It’s so hot today.”

“Yes,” Calvin says, looking at Jessica’s body. “So very, very hot.”

“I really hope a lot of men buy the calendar,” Jessica says.

“I’m sure a lot of men will,” Calvin says.

“And I really hope it raises awareness of the charitable organization,” Jessica says.

“I’m sure it will raise awareness, among other things,” Calvin says.

“I really hope the calendar causes men to have the urge to donate money to the charitable organization,” Jessica says.

“I’m sure the calendar will cause men to have the urge to do something,” Calvin says.

One of the photographer’s assistants walks up to Jessica and hands her an absurdly skimpy green bikini and says: “Jessica, here is the bikini you’ll be wearing for the next photograph.”

“I hope this doesn’t cover up too much of my body,” Jessica says.

“I love you,” Calvin says, speaking too low for Jessica or anyone else to hear him.

“Help me get changed, will you, Calvin?” Jessica says.

“I’d be happy to,” Calvin says.

On the beach, there is a small, portable dressing room that was set up for Jessica. The dressing room is composed of four walls and no ceiling. Each wall is made of frosted glass.

Jessica enters the frosted glass dressing room.

Calvin is standing just outside the frosted glass dressing room. From where he is standing, he sees Jessica’s silhouette in the frosted glass. He watches the silhouette version of Jessica slowly remove the top part and bottom part of the purple bikini.

Jessica tosses the two parts of the purple bikini over one of the frosted glass walls, toward Calvin, and says: “Hold these for me, will you?”

The top part of the purple bikini lands around Calvin’s neck, and the bottom part of the purple bikini lands on Calvin’s face.

This is hell, Calvin thinks, knowing that he will never get to be with Jessica, and also knowing that he will never be able to bring himself to voluntarily resign from being Jessica’s personal assistant.

Jessica begins putting on the green bikini, happily oblivious to Calvin’s unrequited desire for her.