Zoo Cage

In a very upper-class neighborhood, there is a zoo. In that zoo, there are many, many caged animals on display for visitors to view.

At the moment, the zoo is open, and many, many people are visiting the zoo.

In one of the cages, between two caged gorillas, is a woman named Keeka.

Keeka is a candidate for membership into an exclusive social clique known as the Swans. The Swans consist of four very tall, very beautiful, very rich women. Their names are Nella, Fawna, Tabeeza, and Miona. They are very, very popular.

Keeka desperately wants to be a Swan. She craves the popularity and envy from others and resentment from others that comes with being a Swan.

Unfortunately for Keeka, Swan membership candidates are required to go through a brutal hazing process in order to become Swans. This hazing process involves having to endure all kinds of torture from the Swans and having to obey all the Swans’ commands.

Keeka being in this zoo cage is the latest hazing torture that the Swans are subjecting her to. She has been in this cage for several days now.

At the moment, the Swans are standing outside the cage, pointing at Keeka and laughing at her.

“I told every one of Keeka’s former classmates about this,” one of the Swans, Fawna, says.

“Good idea,” one of the Swans, Miona, says.

“They must think Keeka is a total loser,” one of the Swans, Tabeeza, says.

“She is a total loser,” one of the Swans, Nella, says.

The Swans all laugh cruelly.

“Well, I guess we should be leaving now,” Miona says. “The party will be starting shortly. See you tomorrow, Keeka.”

The Swans begin walking away from Keeka’s cage.

“Wait!” Keeka says. “How much longer do I have to stay in here? When do I get to leave the cage? When do I get to become a Swan? WHEN DO I GET TO BECOME A SWAN?”

The Swans are all gone now.

One of the nearby gorillas throws some of its excrement at Keeka. The excrement hits her in the face. For some reason, the gorillas don’t like Keeka.