Unfortunate Andrew Meets the Sentera Sisters

Unfortunate Andrew Meets the Sentera Sisters

During a morning, a sleazy, handsome man with major money problems named Andrew Squervil leaves his crummy apartment and travels to a mansion that is located in a very upper-class neighborhood. The mansion belongs to a plump rich woman named Keeka. Keeka is Andrew’s ex-fiancee. Andrew and Keeka were supposed to get married a while ago, but Keeka cancelled their engagement and ended their relationship after she learned that Andrew had cheated on her with four beautiful women.

Outside of the mansion, Andrew knocks on its front door.

Keeka answers the door. To Andrew, she looks just as repulsive as he remembers her.

“Andrew?” Keeka says, surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Keeka, please take me back,” Andrew says, acting sincere. “I’m so sorry about what I did. I know it was wrong. It was a sleazy, sleazy thing to do. I realize that now. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I did. And I’ve changed since then. I’m a different person now. The man who cheated on you… I’m not that man anymore. I’m a good person now.”

“You humiliated me!” Keeka says. “How could I ever forgive you?”

“You have every right to stay angry with me, Keeka,” Andrew says. “But please don’t. Please, please forgive me. All I want now is to be with you.”

Keeka is looking at Andrew, cynical. Then she gazes over his well-toned body, thinking about how long it’s been since her last intimate encounter with a man. “Well, I suppose everyone deserves a second chance,” she says.

Later that morning, Andrew and Keeka are laying on the bed in the master bedroom of Keeka’s mansion, having just completed an intimate encounter.

“That was wonderful,” Keeka says.

Andrew feels nauseous. “Yes, I enjoyed it too,” he says, lying.

“I’m glad we’re a couple again,” Keeka says.

“Yes, me too,” Andrew says.

Andrew has a goal to become rich. He intends to accomplish that goal by marrying a rich woman, thereby gaining access to her wealth. At the moment, he intends for Keeka to be that rich woman.

“Keeka, let’s get married,” Andrew says.

“Yes, let’s!” Keeka says.

“Great!” Andrew says. “How about we get married today?”

“Today?!” Keeka says.

“Yes, I don’t want to wait,” Andrew says.

“I do want to marry you, Andrew, but to do so today would be too soon,” Keeka says. “I want to take things slow. Plus, I need to discuss our wedding plans with my friends Miona, Nella, Fawna, and Tabeeza. They’re all currently away on a trip to another country and won’t be back home until two months from now.”

“You’re still friends with them?” Andrew says.

“Yes,” Keeka says sadly. “But regardless of all that, I can’t get married to you today anyway, as I have to attend a funeral today. It’s the funeral of the aunt of my friend Sabrina. Will you attend the funeral with me, Andrew? I’d love to show you off to Sabrina. She’ll be so jealous.”

“Sure,” Andrew says, secretly annoyed by the thought of all the irritating chores he’ll need to do to keep Keeka happy in order to gain access to her fortune.

Later, Keeka and Andrew are in Keeka’s car. Keeka is driving the car toward the location where the funeral will be taking place.

“Andrew, I have to ask something of you,” Keeka says. “My friend, Sabrina Sentera… She and I have had some problems.”

“What kind of problems?” Andrew says.

“I used to have a boyfriend named Orvel,” Keeka says. “While he and I were dating, I caught him cheating on me with Sabrina. I was very angry with Sabrina about that for a very long time. I’ve since reconciled with her, and we’re on good terms now, but I still don’t fully trust her. I want you to promise me that you won’t cheat on me with Sabrina, or any other women.”

“I promise,” Andrew says. “I would never cheat on you again.”

Later, Andrew and Keeka arrive at the church where the funeral is to occur. While they are walking into the church, Andrew notices a nearby beautiful woman standing near a handsome man.

“Hello, Keeka,” the beautiful woman says.

“Hello, Sabrina,” Keeka says. “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Thanks, Keeka,” the beautiful woman, Sabrina, says. “I appreciate you coming here.” Then, while looking at Andrew with great interest, Sabrina says to Andrew: “Hello. I’m Sabrina Sentera. Who are you?”

“I’m Andrew Squervil,” Andrew says.

“He’s my boyfriend,” Keeka says.

“It’s so very nice to meet you, Andrew Squervil,” Sabrina says. “So very nice indeed.”

“I’m Luchenzo,” the handsome man standing next to Sabrina says. “I’m Sabrina’s husband.”

Nobody says anything in response to that.

“Let’s all go sit down, shall we?” Sabrina says. “The funeral is about to start.”

Later, the funeral is in progress. Many people are sitting in the church. Keeka and Andrew are sitting in the back of the church. Sabrina and Luchenzo are sitting somewhere in the front.

Keeka notices something. “Oh my…” she says, speaking in a low whisper. “I don’t believe it.”

“What is it?” Andrew says, also speaking in a low whisper.

Keeka points toward a beautiful woman sitting in the front of the church. The woman appears to be Sabrina.

“I don’t get it,” Andrew says. “That’s your friend Sabrina Sentera. So what?”

“No, Sabrina is sitting over there,” Keeka says, pointing in another direction.

Andrew looks in that direction and sees another beautiful woman who appears to be Sabrina. Luchenzo is sitting next to her.

“Sabrina has a twin sister?” Andrew says.

“There’s more to it than that,” Keeka says. “Sabrina told me that she is a nonuplet.”

“Really?” Andrew says. “She has eight identical sisters?”

“Yes,” Keeka says. “I’ve never met any of them. Sabrina told me that she is deeply estranged from them… and that her sisters are all deeply estranged from each other as well. According to Sabrina, they all hate each other, and only see each other at family reunions and family funerals. I used to suspect that Sabrina didn’t actually have any identical sisters; that she just made them up. But I guess I was wrong. Oh look, there’s another one!”

Andrew looks in the direction Keeka is now pointing to, and he sees another beautiful woman who looks like Sabrina Sentera.

“There’s another one!” Keeka says, pointing elsewhere. “And there’s another one! They’re everywhere!”

Now, Andrew sees Sabrina Sentera’s beautiful identical sisters all over the place.

Suddenly, inexplicably, Andrew has a sinking feeling that somehow, some way, the existence of these nine sexy Sentera sisters is going to spell trouble for his plan to marry Keeka for her money.

After the funeral has ended, as Keeka and Andrew are leaving the church, they are stopped by Sabrina Sentera.

“Thank you both for attending the funeral,” Sabrina says.

“Of course,” Keeka says.

“I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you, Keeka,” Sabrina says.

“What is it you need?” Keeka says.

“As you know, me and my eight sisters have had a troubled relationship with each other for a long, long time,” Sabrina says. “But this whole situation with my aunt has made me realize the importance of family. And now I want to reconcile with my sisters, and for them to reconcile with each other. I spoke with all of them earlier today, before the funeral. They agreed to see a relationship therapist with me for an intense, week-long therapy retreat. The therapist I want to hire will stay with us in a house for an entire week, and will subject us to many, many therapy sessions, to help us work through our problems with each other.”

“That sounds great,” Keeka says. “What do you need of me?”

“Well, the therapist would need us to provide the house in which the therapy retreat would take place,” Sabrina says. “And the home would need to be big enough to contain me and my eight sisters, along with the therapist. And since you live alone in a very large mansion with many, many spare bedrooms, I was hoping you could let us use your mansion for the therapy retreat.”

“Yes, I could do that,” Keeka says. “There are more than enough spare bedrooms in my mansion for all of us.”

“Great!” Sabrina says. “Thanks, Keeka. Can we start the retreat tonight? That would be most convenient for my sisters and the therapist.”

“Okay!” Keeka says.

“Great, I’ll call the therapist and let my sisters know,” Sabrina says. “We’ll all arrive at your mansion in a few hours.”

“Great!” Keeka says.

“Thanks again, Keeka,” Sabrina says. “You’re a good friend.”

Later, Andrew and Keeka are in Keeka’s car. Keeka is driving them back to the mansion.

“So I guess you can drop me at my apartment,” Andrew says.

“We’re going back to my mansion,” Keeka says.

“Oh,” Andrew says. “I just thought that, since you’re letting the Sentera sisters and that therapist occupy your mansion, I shouldn’t be there. I wouldn’t want to inadvertently intrude on their therapy sessions.”

“Of course you’re going to be there,” Keeka says. “You and I are both going to be there with them the entire time.”

“What?” Andrew says. “Why?”

“Because I’m going to have that therapist give you and me therapy as well,” Keeka says. “I’m still very angry with you for cheating on me! You and I have a lot of issues we need to work through if our future marriage is going to be a success. So it’ll be you, me, the therapist, and the Sentera sisters, all in my mansion together for a week.”

Andrew gulps. This is exactly what he was trying to avoid: being trapped in a mansion with the Sentera sisters for an extended period of time.

Since beginning his quest to become rich, Andrew has seduced many, many rich women. Seducing women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at. However, thus far, all of his attempts to marry a rich woman for her money have ended in failure. On many occasions, Andrew became romantically involved with a rich woman, only for the woman to end the relationship after learning that Andrew had cheated on her.

This time things will be different, Andrew thinks. He is determined to not make the same mistake again, no matter how many sexy temptresses he encounters.

Later, in Keeka’s mansion, Sabrina is introducing Keeka and Andrew to the therapist and the other Sentera sisters.

The other Sentera sisters are looking at Andrew with the same interested expression that Sabrina had when she first saw Andrew.

“I’m Sustranna,” one of the Sentera sisters says.

“I’m Selena,” another Sentera sister says.

“I’m Sara,” another Sentera sister says.

“I’m Samantha,” another Sentera sister says.

“I’m Sandra,” another Sentera sister says.

“I’m Sonya,” another Sentera sister says.

“I’m Severia,” another Sentera sister says.

“I’m Simona,” another Sentera sister says.

“And I am Doctor Ivonka Keibler,” the therapist, a tall, shapely blond woman, says.

While looking at all the Sentera sisters, Andrew thinks: I’m doomed.

“Doctor Keibler, during this therapy retreat, can you also make some time for therapy sessions for me and Andrew?” Keeka says. “We have a troubled relationship, due to Andrew’s past infidelity.”

“I’d love to give therapy to you and Andrew,” Ivonka the therapist says. “I will do everything I can to help you and Andrew become a much more functional couple, and to help Andrew refrain from repeating his past naughty, naughty behavior. I very much look forward to working with you, Andrew Squervil… and you too, Keeka.”

Andrew gulps, realizing that Ivonka might be an additional temptress he will need to resist over the next several days.


Later, very late at night, Andrew and Keeka are laying on the bed in Keeka’s bedroom. Keeka is very asleep, but Andrew is still awake.

One of the Sentera sisters stops by the bedroom’s doorway, which is open. She is wearing a sexy red nightgown. She smiles at Andrew and motions for him to follow her.

Andrew thinks: well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have just one.

He quickly gets out of the bed and exits the bedroom, following the Sentera sister elsewhere.

She leads Andrew into a spare bedroom, one that was not given to any of the guests.

The Sentera sister wraps her arms around Andrew’s neck and kisses him.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the first moment that I saw you,” she says.

“Which Sentera sister are you?” Andrew says.

She grins mischievously. “I’ll tell you afterwards,” she says.

“You won’t tell Keeka about this, will you?” Andrew says. “She’s so deeply in love with me. It would destroy her to find out I cheated on her with another woman, again. I care about her, and I want to protect her sanity.”

“I will never tell her,” the mystery Sentera sister says.

She kisses Andrew again, then leads him to a nearby bed.

Later, Andrew returns to Keeka’s bedroom and rejoins the sleeping Keeka on the bed. He very much enjoyed his secret intimate encounter with the Sentera sister. He thinks: if only her teeth weren’t so very, very sharp. But nevertheless, he feels that his appetite has been satiated; that his desire for the Sentera sisters has been satisfied.

His agenda for the remainder of this multi-day therapy retreat: attend many, many therapy sessions with Keeka and Ivonka; pretend to learn and grow from those sessions to satisfy Keeka; refrain from seducing or being seduced by any of the sexy women in this mansion.

Everything is going to be alright, Andrew thinks.

Several days pass. On the last day of the therapy retreat, the Sentera sisters and Ivonka are all about to leave Keeka’s mansion, as all the therapy has concluded. At the moment, Keeka and Andrew and Ivonka and the Sentera sisters are all standing in the mansion, near the mansion’s front doorway, saying their goodbyes.

“Thank you so much, Doctor Keibler,” Keeka says. “You’ve saved my future marriage.”

“Yes, you’re wonderful, Doctor Keibler,” Andrew says. “I’m a better man now because of you. Thank you so much.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Andrew,” Ivonka says.

“And you’ve helped me and my sisters as well, Doctor Keibler,” Sabrina says. “We all love each other again and are no longer estranged from each other.”

The other Sentera sisters all nod in agreement.

“I’m so happy to have helped you all,” Ivonka says. “You all made such progress this week.”

“Well, I guess you’ll all be leaving now,” Andrew says cheerfully.

“Yes,” Ivonka says. “Farewell, Andrew and Keeka!”

As Ivonka is reaching for the front door to open it, one of the Sentera sisters, Sustranna, says: “Wait!”

Ivonka stops. Everyone is looking at Sustranna.

“I have a confession to make,” Sustranna says. “A confession about me… and Andrew Squervil!”

Andrew gulps.

Sustranna says: “On the first night we were all in this mansion, Andrew and I had an intimate encounter.”

“What?!” Keeka and all the other Sentera sisters say in unison.

“It was supposed to be a sexy secret between me and Andrew,” Sustranna says. “And I wanted to keep it a secret, but the guilt has become too overwhelming. I’m so sorry, Keeka.”

“Andrew seduced me on our second night here!” Sabrina says. “He didn’t mention anything about something happening between him and Sustranna!”

“Andrew seduced me too!” Sonya says.

“And me too!” the six other Sentera sisters say in unison.

“What?!” Sustranna says. “But Andrew, what we had was supposed to be a special experience between us! How could you betray me like that with my sisters?”

Severia says: “On the night that he seduced me, he told me that it would be ‘a magical night of secret passion that we must tragically never repeat or tell anyone about, in the interest of protecting Keeka’s sanity.'”

“He said the exact same thing to me!” Sara says.

“And me!” Samantha says.

“And me!” Sonya and Simona and Sandra and Sabrina and Selena say in unison.

Keeka is looking at Andrew, stunned. Andrew is feeling dizzy. He thinks: this can’t get any worse for me.

And then it does: Ivonka steps forward and, as if making an announcement, says: “I, Ivonka Keibler, also had an intimate encounter with Andrew Squervil.”

“What?!” Keeka and the Sentera sisters say in unison.

“In fact, Andrew and I had multiple intimate encounters this week, during all of our private one-on-one therapy sessions,” Ivonka says. “I did it to try to get a better understanding of his infidelity… and also because I find him attractive.”

“Andrew, you sleazy monster!” Selena says. “How could you do this to Keeka? How could you do this to me? How could you do this to my sisters?”

Andrew is not sure what to say. All of his infidelity has now been exposed to Keeka, but he thinks that there somehow must be something he can say that will prevent Keeka from canceling their engagement and ending their relationship. Improvising, he says: “Keeka, I’m so sorry. I-”

Before he can say anything else, Keeka punches him in the face, so hard that it causes him to fall to the ground. She says: “I’m canceling our engagement and ending our relationship! I hate you, Andrew Squervil, and I do not want to ever see you again! Get out of my home!”

With tears streaming down her face, Keeka runs upstairs and goes into her bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

Andrew is still laying on the ground, dizzy from the punch.

Ivonka is standing over him, looking down at him. She shakes her head, like a disapproving school teacher. “Naughty, naughty Andrew…” she says.

Then, speaking to the Sentera sisters, Ivonka says: “Sentera sisters, before you all leave this mansion, it appears that an opportunity has arisen for one final group therapy exercise for all of you to do together: the beating of Andrew Squervil!”

Ivonka steps away from Andrew. All nine of the Sentera sisters surround him as he stands up, still disoriented. The Sentera sisters proceed to collectively pummel Andrew mercilessly for a very, very long time, while Ivonka looks on, pleased to see the Sentera sisters working together to achieve a common goal.

“Such wonderful progress you’re all making, Sentera sisters!” Ivonka says.

Later, Andrew is outside, walking down a long, desolate highway, traveling back to his crummy apartment, covered in bruises, defeated once again.