Queen Bee Delila

During an afternoon, on the 135th floor of a building that is the headquarters of a corporation that manufactures and sells popular honey products, a miserable office employee named Nerwin is sitting in his cubicle and toiling away on a boring project.

A sleazy, handsome co-worker named Thad enters Nerwin’s cubicle. Thad is the same age as Nerwin, but is better-looking and more successful with women. Nerwin dislikes Thad, but Thad is oblivious to that dislike.

“Hey, buddy!” Thad says. “Did you hear the news: Olivia is gone!”

Olivia was the corporation’s president and owner.

“Olivia is gone?” Nerwin says.

“Yes,” Thad says. “She sold the corporation and resigned as president.”

“That’s great!” Nerwin says, elated. Olivia’s presence in the corporation had been a horrible experience for Nerwin, and he hopes to never see her again.

“Apparently, Olivia sold the corporation to a woman named Delila,” Thad days. “She supposedly is in the building and is going around introducing herself to everyone this week. Hopefully she’s a hottie.”

He exits Nerwin’s cubicle.

A few minutes later, a beautiful dark-haired woman stops by Nerwin’s cubicle. Nerwin instantly becomes infatuated with her.

“Hello,” the woman says. “My name is Delila. I’m the new owner and president of the corporation.”

“Hello,” Nerwin says. “I’m Nerwin.”

Before they can converse any further, Thad suddenly returns and enters Nerwin’s cubicle.

Delila is visibly stunned by Thad’s physical attractiveness. “Oh my,” she says. “Who are you?”

“I’m Thad,” Thad says.

“I’m Delila,” Delila says nervously. “I’m the new owner and president of the corporation.”

Thad takes one of Delila’s hands and kisses it. “It’s an honor to meet you, Delila,” Thad says.

Delila looks as if she would pay money for Thad to kiss her hand all day long.

“Well it was nice to meet you both,” Delila says, looking at Thad only. “Perhaps we’ll see each other again soon. Bye, Thad. Bye, Merwin.”

Delila walks away, looking back at Thad repeatedly.

After she is gone, Thad says to Nerwin: “Well, looks like I have job security.”

Nerwin now hates Thad more than ever before.