Unfortunate Andrew and the Woman with Multiple Surnames

During an evening, a sleazy, handsome man named Andrew Squervil enters a nightclub that he knows is frequently populated by rich, single women. Andrew, who has major money problems, wants to become rich. He intends to accomplish this goal by conning a rich, preferably beautiful woman into marriage, thereby gaining access to her wealth.

Seducing women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at. However, for some reason, thus far, all of his attempts to marry a rich woman for her money have ended in failure.

While in the nightclub, Andrew sees and approaches a beautiful blond woman who is wearing expensive-looking clothes.

“Hello,” Andrew says.

“Hello,” the woman says, speaking in a sexy, Russian-sounding accent.

“My name is Andrew,” Andrew says. “Andrew Squervil.”

“My name is Tatiana,” the woman says. “Tatiana Ouliankina Shereshevskaya Kruglyak Stefanescu.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Tatiana,” Andrew says. “Would you like to dance?”

“Yes,” Tatiana says, her desire for Andrew apparent.

Later, Tatiana, who has revealed herself to be rich and single, invites Andrew to her mansion. They leave the nightclub together. Later, in the master bedroom of Tatiana’s mansion, Andrew and Tatiana have their first intimate encounter.

A week later, Tatiana, who is now Andrew’s girlfriend, is sitting with Andrew at a table and having lunch with him in an upscale restaurant.

“Let’s get married,” Andrew says.

“What?!” Tatiana says, surprised. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious,” Andrew says. “I love you, Tatiana, and I want you to be my wife.”

“But we’ve known each other for only a week, Andrew,” Tatiana says. “We barely know each other. I’ve never even been to your apartment. I really like you, Andrew, but we should take things slow. I’ve already been married three times. That’s why I have so many surnames. I’ve kept all of my former husbands’ surnames as a reminder to myself to not rush into marriage again. I want to get to know you more before I decide whether it would be a good idea for us to get married. Will you give me some more time to decide, Andrew? Perhaps a few months?”

Andrew takes one of Tatiana’s hands and kisses it. “I would wait an eternity for you, Tatiana,” he says.

“You’re so wonderful, Andrew,” Tatiana says. “I really think I might be falling in love with you. I have a strong feeling that by this time next year, I will be Tatiana Ouliankina Shereshevskaya Kruglyak Stefanescu Squervil!”

Andrew smiles, confident that his plan to gain access to Tatiana’s money will be a success.

Unfortunately for Andrew, a week later, Tatiana catches him cheating on her with one of her attractive maids. Furious, Tatiana ends her relationship with Andrew.