Unwelcome Intrusion

During an afternoon, a man named Calvin is standing on a street outside of a convenience store. Calvin is staring at the cover of a magazine that is on display in the store’s window. A picture of a beautiful woman named Jessica is on the magazine’s cover. In the picture, Jessica is wearing a very revealing pink blouse and an equally revealing pink mini-skirt, her perfect, shapely body on display.

Jessica is a model. She is also the girlfriend of a male professional wrestler named Grock. Grock is Calvin’s best friend. Calvin has a hopeless, unrequited desire for Jessica.

As Calvin is staring longingly at the magazine cover, another man, who has been walking down the street, stops near Calvin and begins staring at the magazine cover as well.

The other man says to Calvin: “That model Jessica is really something, isn’t she? A total hottie. She’s dating that professional wrestler, Grock, isn’t she? Lucky guy. I wonder what it’s like. I’ll tell you what I’d be doing with her if she was my girlfriend…”

The other man begins making various vulgar gestures with his hands and tongue. Calvin watches the other man, absolutely disgusted and miserable.

Later, in the late evening, Calvin is sleeping on his bed in his apartment. He is dreaming.

In his dream, Calvin is facing Jessica. Jessica is wearing the same pink blouse and pink skirt from the magazine cover. She is smiling at Calvin. She leans in to kiss him. He leans in to kiss her. Suddenly, Jessica is no longer Jessica. Instead, in Jessica’s place is the disgusting, vulgar man that Calvin encountered on the street earlier today. The other man is making vulgar gestures at Calvin with his hands and tongue.

Calvin wants to wake up, but he won’t be waking up anytime soon.