A Taste

During an afternoon, a married man, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, are attending a party taking a place in a banquet hall. Many of their friends are also in attendance, including Melissa’s very beautiful female friend, Vanessa. Unbeknownst to Melissa and Vanessa, Craig is madly, deeply, hopelessly in love with Vanessa.

At the moment, Craig and Melissa are sitting at one table, and Vanessa and her current handsome boyfriend are sitting at another table. From where Craig is sitting, he sees that Vanessa’s boyfriend has a hand on one of Vanessa’s thighs underneath the table and is clearly quite familiar with Vanessa’s body. Craig wishes that it was his hand on Vanessa’s thigh.

“Would you like a taste?” Melissa says, speaking to Craig, referring to a piece of cake she is currently eating.

“Yes, I would like a taste,” Craig says, gazing at and thinking of Vanessa’s shapely body, which is forever out of his reach. “Just one taste. Just one small taste. Is that really so much to ask for?”

“Craig, are you okay?” Melissa, says, still oblivious. “Your eyes are watering.”

“I’m fine,” Craig says, wiping away his tears.