Twin Solution

On the 135th floor of a building that is the headquarters of a corporation that manufactures and sells popular honey products, a low-level employee named Nerwin is sitting in his cubicle, toiling away on a boring project. One of Nerwin’s co-workers, a handsome, sleazy man named Thad, stops by Nerwin’s cubicle.

“I have great news,” Thad says.

“What is it?” Nerwin says, annoyed at Thad’s ongoing obliviousness to Nerwin’s dislike of him.

“Remember that female hottie who rejected me a few weeks ago?” Thad days. “Leslie? The secretary on the 202nd floor?”

“Yes, I remember,” Nerwin says.

“She called me a sleazy womanizer,” Thad says. “And she also told me, and I quote: ‘Thad, you will never, ever get to see me naked.’ Well the joke is on her! I recently found out that Leslie has a virtually identical twin sister who works here as a secretary on the 407th floor. I seduced the twin sister yesterday. So I ended up getting to have the ‘Leslie experience’ after all! Leslie was so angry when she found out!”

“I really need to get back to work, Thad,” Nerwin says.

“Okay, I’ll see you later, buddy!” Thad days.

Thad exits Nerwin’s cubicle. He returns later that day to share another successful female conquest story with Nerwin, much to Nerwin’s dismay. Later, Nerwin, and only Nerwin, is called into his and Thad’s direct supervisor’s office to be reprimanded for having inappropriately long, non-work-related conversations in the workplace.