The Pink Box

The Pink Box.jpg

During an afternoon, while a man, Henrik, and his beautiful, blond girlfriend, Olga, are sitting at a table and having lunch together in a fancy restaurant, Olga informs Henrik that she is leaving him for another man.

Henrik is shocked and confused. The idea that he will no longer have access to Olga’s sexy body deeply troubles him.

“But why?” Henrik says. “I thought you were happy with me.”

“You’re a very attractive man, Henrik,” Olga says, speaking in her sexy, Russian-sounding accent. “But my new boyfriend, Antonio, who is also very attractive, makes a lot more money than you.”

“But what do you care?” Henrik says. “You’re already wealthy. Why does it matter if your boyfriend makes a lot of money?”

“It’s a social status thing,” Olga says. “You wouldn’t understand, Henrik.”

“So… if I was making a lot of money, you wouldn’t be breaking up with me?” Henrik says.

“Yes,” Olga says absentmindedly. “Well, I must be going now, Henrik. Goodbye.” She gets up and exits the restaurant.

Henrik looks down at the table, feeling helpless and defeated.

Later, Henrik is walking on a desolate beach. He is looking at a small photograph of Olga that he keeps in his wallet. In the photograph, Olga is standing, and she is facing the camera, and she is smirking, and she has her left arm akimbo, and she is waving her right forefinger disapprovingly at the photographer, Henrik.

“What can I do?” Henrik says, speaking to no one. “What can I do to get her back?”

Suddenly, Henrik notices something in the distance: a large, metallic, pink box. The box is big enough to contain a few people, and it is slightly taller than Henrik. The box has a small rectangular slot, and a small door on one of its sides.

Henrik walks up to the pink box to examine it more closely. He doesn’t know what the pink box’s purpose is, or why the box was apparently dumped on this beach. For some reason, he feels like the pink box is a symbolic mockery of his obsessive lust for Olga.

Then, Henrik suddenly gets an idea, one which makes him go from hopeless to hopeful.

Later that day, Henrik stops by Olga’s apartment. He knocks on the apartment’s front door.

“Olga!” Henrik says. “Olga! Open the door! I need to speak with you!”

Olga opens the front door.

“You look terrible, Henrik,” Olga says, clearly repulsed by the sight of him. “Where have you been?”

“I slipped and fell into a puddle of mud while I was running here,” Henrik says. “I have something to tell you: I’ve figured out a way to make a lot more money!”

Olga begins laughing cruelly at Henrik. Her handsome boyfriend, Antonio, who is in Olga’s apartment and has been listening to the conversation, joins Olga by the doorway and joins Olga in laughing cruelly at Henrik.

“Stop laughing at me!” Henrik says. “I’m serious!”

“Oh Henrik, you’re so silly!” Olga says. “How could someone as incompetent as you figure out a way to make a lot more money? You’re so stupid! Isn’t he stupid, Antonio?”

“Yes,” Antonio says. “He’s an even bigger loser than you described, Olga. No wonder you left him for me.”

“You’ll see,” Henrik says. “The both of you will see. I’m going to be making a lot more money in the very near future. Much more money than you make, Antonio! So enjoy Olga while you have her, because she’s going to be mine again very soon!”

Olga and Antonio continue laughing cruelly at Henrik.

“Keep dreaming, Henrik!” Olga says cruelly. “You’ll never make enough money to win me back! Never!”

“You’re wrong, Olga!” Henrik says. “You’ll be mine again! You’ll see!”

Henrik begins walking away angrily, eager to get away from the sound of the cruel laughter of Olga and Antonio.

A few weeks later, Henrik stops by Olga’s apartment again. He knocks on the apartment’s front door.

Olga opens the front door.

“You look even worse than you did last time,” Olga says, clearly disgusted by the sight of Henrik.

“I slipped and fell into several puddles of mud while I was running here,” Henrik says.

“Why are you here?” Olga says.

Henrik proudly shows Olga the mud-stained piece of paper he is holding.

“What is that?” Olga says.

“It’s my most recent bank statement,” Henrik says.

“So?” Olga says.

Henrik points at the part of the statement that says the current amount of money in his bank account.

Olga is transfixed by the amount on the statement. “Is this statement… real?” Olga says.

“Yes, it’s real!” Henrik says. “It’s really real! I did it, Olga! I figured out a way to be making a lot more money! I did if for you! Will you be mine again?”

Olga is delighted. “Yes, I’ll be yours again, Henrik!” she says. “You’ve won me back!”

They kiss each other.

A few days later, Olga and Henrik are walking together on a street in a very upper-class neighborhood. Olga is looking at Henrik lovingly. Henrik has never been happier.

“Henrik, darling, where are we going?” Olga says.

“You previously asked me how I am now making a lot more money than I was before,” Henrik says. “So I’m going to show you.”

He stops walking. Olga stops walking too.

“Look there,” Henrik says, pointing to the large, metallic, pink box in the distance. The box has the word ‘charity’ hand-written on it in big, bold letters.

“What’s that?” Olga says.

“It’s what helped me win you back,” Henrik says. “I found it on a beach shortly after you dumped me. I don’t know who put it there or what its original purpose was. But I took the pink box and relocated it here in this very upper-class neighborhood. And I wrote the word ‘charity’ on it. So random rich people in this neighborhood walk past the box every day and they assume that any money they put into the box will be used to support some charitable cause. So many rich people have put money into the box. They all think they’re donating to some charity, but what those fools don’t know is that all the money has been going to me!”

“Oh, that’s brilliant, Henrik!” Olga says. “You’re so very, very smart.”

A few days later, Olga and Henrik are on a beach together. They are sitting in beach chairs and sunning themselves. Henrik is asleep. He is having a strange dream. In the dream, he is on a desolate beach with the pink box. In the dream, the pink box is sentient and its rectangular slot is functioning as its mouth.

“Things have really worked out for you, haven’t they, Henrik?” the pink box says.

“Yes,” Henrik says.

“And it’s all because of me,” the pink box says.

“Yes,” Henrik says.

“If it wasn’t for me, Olga would still want nothing more to do with you,” the pink box says.

“Yes,” Henrik says.

“I think you owe me a debt of gratitude,” the pink box says. “Yes, you do. And I expect you to pay that debt.”

“What is it you want from me?” Henrik says.

“I want us to become one,” the pink box says. “I want you inside of me.”

“No!” Henrik says. “Not that! I won’t do it!”

“I want you inside of me, Henrik,” the pink box says. “You will be inside of me.”

“No!” Henrik says. “No!”

He begins running away from the pink box, and the pink box begins chasing him.

Meanwhile, in reality, Henrik is still asleep on the beach, and he is sweating profusely.

Olga, who is sitting next to Henrik, is looking at another man on the beach. This other man is laying on a towel and he is sunning himself. He is very handsome and very muscular. He notices Olga staring at his muscular body. He waves at her playfully. Olga smiles at him flirtatiously.

It is around this time that Olga decides that her relationship with Henrik has run its course. With her cellular phone, she calls the police and notifies them of Henrik’s crime in exchange for a hefty financial reward. Later that day, Henrik is arrested for his crime. Olga collects her reward money and quickly forgets all about Henrik.

Some time later, Henrik’s trial begins. The judge assigned to Henrik’s trial is a woman named Sindra. Sindra has a reputation for sentencing guilty parties to unconventional, ironic punishments. After Henrik is judged guilty for his crime, Sindra sentences him to be imprisoned inside the pink box for an indefinite amount of time.

And that was how Henrik became trapped inside the pink box.