Somewhere in a horrible universe, there is a notebook. The notebook contains the handwritten manuscript of an ancient, famous, beloved short story called ‘Eternia’.

The short story begins during an evening. During that evening, a very beautiful, very rich woman named Eternia is hosting a party in her mansion. The guests at the party include Eternia’s many male suitors, including a sleazy man named Worris Smelton. Worris wants to get married to Eternia because of her beauty and because of her wealth.

During Eternia’s party, Eternia makes an announcement to her guests: that, though many men desire her spectacular body, she has decided that only one man deserves it: Worris Smelton; that she has chosen Worris to become her husband; and that she will be getting married to Worris in the near future.

Eternia’s other male suitors are devastated by her announcement.

Later, after Eternia’s party has ended, Eternia and Worris are in Eternia’s bedroom. While they are in there, Eternia reveals to Worris that she is not a mortal woman; that she is actually an immortal goddess. Eternia gives Worris an elixir that makes whoever drinks it immortal. Per Eternia’s instruction, Worris drinks the elixir. Eternia tells him that he is now immortal, and that they will get to be together forever.

Later, Eternia learns that Worris cheated on her with a beautiful woman named Harnetta, who is one of Eternia’s maids. To punish Worris for his infidelity, Eternia uses her goddess powers to imprison Worris in a room in her mansion. The prison that Eternia created for Worris is inescapable, and, because Worris is now immortal, his imprisonment will never end.

And that is why the wedding of Eternia and Worris got canceled.