Fleeting Joy

At the moment, a man named Seth is in his car, driving toward his home. The place Seth is traveling from is the building that he works in. The entire building is the headquarters of a very successful corporation that manufactures and sells popular honey products. Seth is an employee of this honey corporation. He works on the building’s 333rd floor.

As Seth is driving home, he is replaying the last twenty minutes of his workday over and over again. It was a fairly mundane workday until those last twenty minutes.

Later, Seth enters his house. His beautiful wife, Vora, is there. She is sitting on a couch and watching television. Seth gazes longingly at Vora’s shapely body. She has been denying him access to it for quite some time now, as punishment for something he did. Seth wonders if he’ll ever get to experience his wife again.

“How was work today?” Vora says absentmindedly.

“It was… strange,” Seth says.

“What happened?” Vora says.

“Olivia called me into her office,” Seth says.

“Who’s Olivia?” Vora says.

“She’s the owner and president of the honey corporation,” Seth says.

“Why would she have any interest in meeting with you?” Cora says. “You’re just a low-level employee. A small, insignificant cog in the machine.”

“She said she was considering offering me a promotion,” Seth says. “But she said she would only give me the promotion if I had an intimate encounter with her.”

“So did you?” Vora says.

“No, of course not,” Seth says. “I would never cheat on you.”

“But she was going to give you a promotion!” Vora says. “You could advance your career! This is a great opportunity for us! I’m tired of being married to a loser with a dead-end job. Go back to Olivia and give her what she wants!”

“Okay, if that’s what you want, Vora,” Seth says.

The following evening, Seth returns home from work. Vora is in their house.

“Well, I did it: I had an intimate encounter with Olivia,” Seth says, in an eager-to-please voice. “She gave me the promotion.”

Vora is delighted. “That’s wonderful, Seth!” she says. She kisses him.

As Seth expected, Vora leads Seth to their bedroom to reward him for apparently getting the promotion.

In their bedroom, while Seth is receiving his reward from Vora, Seth is happy, but he is also sad, for he knows that this version of Vora – the version that likes him and lets him have access to her body – will be gone soon, as soon as she finds out the truth: that Olivia betrayed Seth after their intimate encounter by giving the promotion to someone else.

“I love you, Seth,” Vora says. “I love you so much. We’re going to be so happy together now, now that you’ve been promoted. This solves all our problems. I love you, Seth. Seth? Why are you crying?”

“I’m just savoring this moment,” Seth says, knowing that Vora will soon learn the truth and go back to despising him and denying him access to her body. “I wish this moment with you would never end.”