Hellena and Heavena

In a crowded movie theater, a movie is playing. The name of the movie is “Hellena and Heavena”. The movie is very loosely based on a trashy novel called “The Pelvic Prison”. The movie stars a very beautiful actress named Lililalaya, and another very beautiful actress named Zarlena. In the movie, Lililalaya plays a very beautiful woman named Hellena, and Zarlena plays a very beautiful woman named Heavena.

The main character of the movie is a handsome man named Fernandio. At the beginning of the movie, Fernandio is sleeping on a bed in a very large, very strange-looking room with no apparent exits. The entirety of the room’s ceiling is a gigantic television screen. At the moment, the television screen ceiling is turned off.

It suddenly turns on, the glow from the screen abruptly brightening the room to a nauseating degree. On the screen is the pretty face of Hellena. Her face is taking up the entire screen. She is smiling, revealing many pearly white teeth.

“Fernandio…” Helena says, her sweet voice booming through the television screen ceiling’s accompanying loudspeakers, which are set to such a high volume that her sweet voice is grating. “I love you, Fernandio! It’s time to wake up and start another wonderful day!”

Fernandio opens his eyes, with resentment. He has been awake since the moment the television screen ceiling turned on. He stares at the gigantic image of Hellena’s smiling face looking down at him, impossible to get away from in this room. Now she is playfully blowing kisses at him. There was a time when Fernandio desired to kiss Hellena’s pretty face, but now he has nothing but contempt for it.

“It’s time to do your daily morning exercise, Fernandio!” Hellena says, cheerful as ever.

Annoyed, Fernando gets out of the bed and walks over to a nearby hamster wheel. The hamster wheel is gigantic, big enough for a full-grown human to easily fit in. Fernandio goes into the hamster wheel and begins running in it.

“You run so fast, Fernandio!” Hellena says, delighted. “You’re so amazingly fast and amazingly fit and amazingly sexy!”

As the movie progresses, we learn that the room Fernandio is in is a prison he is trapped in. The prison is part of a castle on an island located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world. The castle belongs to Hellena. She is the queen of the island and its sole ruler. She is also Fernandio’s captor.

Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Fernandio is a sleazy womanizer who used to live in a country in another part of the world. While in that country, he seduced, and stole from, many, many rich, beautiful women. Later on, he fled from the country to avoid being arrested for his crimes. While fleeing from justice, he accidentally got stranded at sea. He eventually washed up on Hellena’s island. Upon arriving on the island, he learned that it is populated with many, many beautiful women. Shortly after arriving on the island, some of these women escorted Fernandio to Hellena’s castle to meet Hellena. Upon meeting Fernandio, Hellena was instantly smitten with him. She invited him to have dinner with her in her castle. Fernandio gladly accepted the offer. He intended to seduce Hellena and then marry her to gain access to her wealth and power. He intended to spend the rest of his days living happily on the island, enjoying wealth, and power, and secret affairs with the island’s many other beautiful women. After having dinner with Hellena in her castle, Fernandio completed his seduction of Hellena in her bedroom. Unfortunately for Fernandio, Hellena turned out to be quite insane. That insanity, combined with her new obsessive love for Fernandio, combined with her fear that Fernandio would cheat on her with other women, led to Hellena using her vast resources to have Fernandio imprisoned in her castle.

Towards the end of the movie, Fernandio manages to escape from the prison and from Hellena’s island. He ends up on a nearby island that is also populated with many, many beautiful women. This island is solely ruled by a beautiful woman named Heavena. Heavena is the queen of the island. Upon meeting Fernandio, Heavena is quite smitten with him. Shortly after their meeting, they have an intimate encounter in Heavena’s bedroom, which is in Heavena’s castle.

Fernandio thinks he is going to live happily ever after on Heavena’s island. He intends to get married to Heavena, and spend the rest of his days living happily on Heavena’s island, enjoying wealth, and power, and secret affairs with the island’s many other beautiful women.

Unfortunately for Fernandio, Heavena turns out to be quite insane as well. That insanity, combined with her new obsessive love for Fernandio, combined with her fear that Hellena might try to reclaim Fernandio, leads Heavena to make a decision.

A few days later, Heavena tells Fernandio that she has a special surprise for him. She leads him into a newly built room in the lower part of the castle. The room looks very, very similar to the prison in Hellena’s castle. This new room is nearly identical, even containing a television screen ceiling and a gigantic hamster wheel.

Fernandio, thinking this is some kind of joke, laughs. “Very funny, Heavena,” he says.

“You’ll be safe from Hellena here, Fernandio,” Heavena says. “She’ll never be able to break into this room to take you away from me. The room is completely impenetrable. I’ll keep in touch with you every day via the television screen ceiling, and I’ve arranged for all your basic needs to be accommodated. I know this new living arrangement will not be to your liking, but it’s all for your own good. Don’t think of yourself as a prisoner. Think of yourself as a valuable, sexy object being kept in a lockbox for safekeeping.”

Fernandio, who still thinks this is all a joke being played on him, is looking around the room, with his back turned to Heavena. “It’s a very funny joke, Heavena, but you didn’t fool me,” he says. “Though I must admit you nearly did. For a brief moment, I almost believed that you really did intend to-”

Fernandio hears the sound of Heavena exiting the room and closing its one door and then locking the door from the outside. He turns around and sees that the door is closed. He tries to open it, but is unable to do so.

“Uh-oh,” he says.