Sundress by the Water Fountain

Suddenly, after what seemed like an eternity of failure and disappointment, a sleazy man named Andrew Squervil seems to be on his way to achieving his goal of becoming rich. Andrew has become romantically involved with a rich, beautiful, brunette woman named Bellina. Bellina recently accepted a marriage proposal from Andrew. They are scheduled to get married in three weeks. If the marriage does occur, Andrew will gain access to Bellina’s wealth.

At the moment, in the late evening, Andrew and Bellina are in Bellina’s mansion, specifically in Bellina’s bedroom. It is a room that Andrew has already been in many, many times before. Andrew hasn’t yet officially moved into Bellina’s mansion, but he has been spending more and more time there.

At the moment, Andrew and Bellina are standing by the bedroom’s window, looking at the night sky, and Andrew has his arms wrapped around Bellina. This has become one of their nightly routines.

“Oh Andrew, the stars look so lovely tonight,” Bellina says.

“You look so lovely tonight, Bellina,” Andrew says, truthfully. Bellini is wearing a satin red nightgown, which is outlining her shapely body.

“I am so looking forward to our wedding,” Bellina says.

“As am I,” Andrew says.

From the window, Andrew sees a car pull up to the front of the mansion that is directly across the street from Bellina’s mansion. A tall, beautiful, brunette woman gets out of the car from the front passenger side. She waves goodbye to the driver, and the car drives away. She then begins walking toward the front door of the mansion that is directly across the street from Bellina’s mansion.

Andrew notices that Bellina is now looking at this other shapely brunette woman disapprovingly.

“Who is she?” Andrew says.

“Her name is Catalina,” Bellina says. “She lives in that mansion.”

Catalina enters her mansion, then closes its front door.

“Is she a friend of yours?” Andrew says.

“I hate her,” Bellina says. “Last year, she stole my boyfriend from me.”

“That’s horrible!” Andrew says. “What a horrible woman.”

“Yes, I hate her and her tight, shapely body so much,” Bellina says. “Andrew, promise me you’ll never cheat on me with Catalina.”

“Of course I’ll never cheat on you with Catalina!” Andrew says. “I would never even think of doing so! I don’t even find her attractive!”

“Really?” Bellina says. “You don’t find her attractive at all?”

“I think she’s hideous,” Andrew says, lying.

“Oh Andrew, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” Bellina says.

She kisses Andrew.

“Let’s go to bed,” she says.

Later in the night, Andrew is laying on Bellina’s bed. Bellina is also laying on the bed. She is wearing her red satin nightgown and is sleeping, with her head rested on Andrew’s chest. Andrew is still awake, but he is drifting off to sleep. The last thing he thinks before he falls asleep is: I’m finally where I belong.

While Andrew and Bellina are sleeping blissfully on Bellina’s bed, a woman named Sheila is standing outside of Bellina’s mansion. Sheila lives in the same apartment building that Andrew lives in. Andrew has never met Sheila, and is not all aware of Sheila’s existence. Sheila, however, is very aware of Andrew’s existence. Sheila is romantically obsessed with Andrew and has been stalking him for quite some time.

Sheila knows that Andrew is in Bellina’s mansion right now, and that makes her angry. Sheila doesn’t like Bellina. Sheila doesn’t want Andrew to get married to Bellina or any other woman who isn’t Sheila. Sheila intends to prevent the wedding of Andrew and Bellina from occurring.

“You’re mine, Andrew Squervil,” Sheila says menancingly.

The next morning, Andrew is on a street, walking toward a gym that he is a member of. Unbeknownst to Andrew, a car is following him. The driver of the car is an attractive female police detective named Debra. In the car’s front passenger seat is Debra’s partner, a male police detective named Gunther. Unbeknownst to Debra, Gunther is madly in love with her.

“Why are we following this guy, Debra?” Gunther says. “Who is he?”

“His name is Andrew Squervil,” Debra says. “And he might be the key to solving the crime we’ve been investigating.”

A few minutes later, Andrew enters the gym, intending to work out. He sees a beautiful, shapely, blond woman named Layla. She is also a member of this gym. Andrew met her during his previous visit to the gym. At the moment, Layla is wearing a pink leotard and blue leggings, and she is stretching.

Andrew walks up to her. “Hello again, Layla,” he says.

“Hello again to you too, Andrew,” Layla says, still stretching. “How’s your job search going?”

Andrew snorts derisively. “Job search?” he says. “Whatever gave you the idea that I’m looking for a job?”

“Oh, I assumed you’re looking to find work because you previously mentioned to me that you’re unemployed,” Layla says. “So you have no interest in working?”

“Layla, the only place I’m interested in working at is between your legs,” Andrew says.

Layla blushes. “I suppose I could set you up for… an interview,” she says flirtatiously.

“And where would this interview take place?” Andrew says.

“How about the hotel across the street from here?” Layla says.

“Sounds good to me,” Andrew says. “Let’s go.”

Later, in the early afternoon, Andrew is in the hotel room in which he and Layla had their intimate encounter. Layla is laying on the bed and watching television. Andrew is getting dressed, getting ready to leave.

“So will you call me?” Layla says.

“Absolutely,” Andrew says, lying.

An hour later, Andrew is back at his crummy apartment. He plans to move out of this apartment and into Bellina’s mansion very, very soon. He doesn’t expect to miss this apartment at all. It contains only bad memories for him. The apartment’s landlord is a hideous, obese woman. Andrew, who has major money problems, has been living in this apartment for free in exchange for being her plaything. He has not told Bellina about this arrangement, and has no intention of ever doing so. Andrew has gone through great lengths to conceal his sleaziness from Bellina.

Andrew’s cellular phone starts ringing. Bellina is calling him. Andrew picks up his phone and answers it. “Hello,” he says.

“Hello, Andrew,” Bellina says. “How was your workout at this gym this morning?”

Andrew smirks, thinking of Layla. “It was very good,” he says. “Very good indeed.”

“Are you coming over for dinner tonight?” Bellina says.

“Absolutely,” Andrew says.

“Great,” Bellina says. “See you then.”

“See you then,” Andrew says.

He ends the phone call.

He then looks around the apartment and thinks that he needs to move out soon, as it is only a matter of time before his disgusting female landlord stops by to receive another ‘rent payment’ from him. He smiles, pleased by the thought that he most likely will never be with her again.

He hears the doorbell to his apartment ring. Andrew gulps, fearing that the landlord is here. With sadness, he walks over to the apartment’s front door and opens it.

Much to his relief, the landlord isn’t there. Instead, standing before Andrew are the two police detectives, Debra and Gunther.

“Hello, Andrew Squervil,” Debra says. “I’m Debra, and this is Gunther. We’re police detectives.”

Debra and Gunther simultaneously flash their police badges at Andrew.

“Can we come in and speak with you?” Gunther says.

“I suppose so,” Andrew says, gazing over Debra’s shapely body. Then he says to Debra: “Though I’d much prefer to speak with just you.”

Debra smiles at Andrew flirtatiously.

“Okay,” she says. “Gunther, go wait in the car.”

Gunther is stunned and confused. “But…” he says. “Debra, what are you… Why would you-”

“Just go wait in the car, Gunther,” Debra says, still smiling at Andrew flirtatiously. “I won’t be long.”

“Or maybe you will,” Andrew says, arrogantly.

With sadness, Gunther begins walking away, back to his and Debra’s police car. Gunther thinks: she can’t possibly really be interested in that sleazy loser; she must be just trying to manipulate him; yes, that’s all that’s going on. But Gunther isn’t certain. Not certain at all.

Debra enters Andrew’s apartment, then closes its front door.

“So what do you need to speak with me about?” Andrew says.

“Do you know a woman named Sheila?” Debra says.

Andrew does not know how to best answer the question. He has seduced and subsequently abandoned many, many women. It’s possible that one or more of those women was named Sheila.

He answers by saying: “No, I don’t know anyone named Sheila.”

“She’s your neighbor,” Debra says. “She lives in the apartment directly below yours.”

“I’ve never met her,” Andrew says.

“A very serious crime was recently committed,” Debra says. “We have reason to believe that it was Sheila who committed this crime.”

“What was the crime?” Andrew says.

“That’s classified information,” Debra says. “I can’t reveal that to you.”

“What can you reveal to me?” Andrew says, gazing at Debra’s blouse.

“I can reveal to you that we haven’t yet been able to arrest Sheila for this crime,” Debra says. “We don’t have any solid proof that she did it. We will need proof in order to be allowed to arrest her and get her convicted of the crime. That’s where you come in.”

“Me?” Andrew says.

“I’ve been investigating Sheila for a while now, and I have good reason to believe that she plans to eventually meet with you and reveal to you that she committed the crime,” Debra says. “I’d like you to get me a recording of Sheila admitting that she committed the crime. That recording would be all the proof I need to solve the crime and get her locked away for a long, long time.”

“Why would she tell me what she did?” Andrew says. “She and I don’t even know each other.”

“You may not know her, but she definitely knows you,” Debra says.

“What do you mean by that?” Andrew says.

“I can’t elaborate any further on that,” Debra says. “It’s classified information.”

“Okay, fine,” Andrew says, annoyed, and wondering how much longer this foreplay will go on for. “Let’s say, in theory, I agree to help you. What’s in it for me?”

“The joy of knowing you aided the criminal justice system,” Debra says.

Andrew stares at her blankly. “What else?” he says.

“Well, there’s also a financial reward,” Debra says. “But I can’t tell you the exact amount. It’s classified information. But let’s just say, with this reward money, you won’t have to worry about paying your rent for a long, long time.” She winks at Andrew. “Oh, and there’s one more thing I can offer: if you help me catch Sheila, I’ll arrange for your criminal record to be completely expunged,” Debra says. “Potential employers will be more likely to hire you if they’re not aware of your previous criminal convictions.”

“‘Potential future employers’?” Andrew says. “What makes you think I want to get a job?”

“Oh, I just assumed that, since I know you’re unemployed,” Debra says. “So you have no interest in working?”

“Debra, the only place I’m interested in working at is between your legs,” Andrew says.

“We’ll get to that shortly,” Debra says. “But first: will you agree to help me catch Sheila?”

“I’ll have to think it over,” Andrew says, even though he’s already decided that he won’t help Debra. “I’ll get back to you about it in a few days.”

“Okay,” Debra says. “That’s fair. I’ll give you my phone number before I leave. You do intend to call me, correct?”

“Of course I intend to call you,” Andrew says, lying. “Now that that matter is out of the way… If you think your partner outside won’t mind waiting longer… Much, much longer…”

Debra smiles flirtatiously again and begins moving closer to Andrew.

A few minutes later, while Andrew and Debra are having an intimate encounter on the floor of Andrew’s apartment, Debra accidentally and unknowingly turns on the handheld transceiver in the back pocket of her pants. Nearby, in the police car parked outside the apartment building, Gunther is sitting in the car’s front passenger seat, and holding his handheld transceiver, and crying in response to the sound of Debra’s passionate screams of joy coming from the handheld transceiver.

“Debra…” Gunther says, tears streaming down his face.

Later, in the late afternoon, Andrew is in the upper-class neighborhood where Bellina’s mansion is located. He is outside, on a street, walking to Bellina’s mansion.

Taking a shortcut to Bellina’s mansion, Andrew begins walking through a park. The park is very large and very beautiful. It is in the center of the neighborhood. The park is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in the universe. Ironically, it is almost always devoid of people. Most of the people in this universe have no interest in visiting a nice park.

In the park is a water fountain. Andrew notices that Catalina, the tall, sexy, brunette, boyfriend-stealing, female neighbor of Bellina, is laying by the water fountain, just inches away from it. Catalina is wearing dark-rimmed eyeglasses and a sundress. She is laying on her side and holding a book that she is reading. Andrew thinks that this is one of the most beautiful sights he has ever witnessed. He walks toward her.

Catalina looks up from her book, noticing Andrew. They are the only people in the entire park.

Andrew kneels beside her. “Hello, Catalina,” he says.

“Hello,” Catalina says, somewhat nervous, somewhat surprised, and somewhat intrigued. “Do I know you?”

“No,” Andrew says. “My name is Andrew. Andrew Squervil.”

“Hello, Andrew,” Catalina says. “How do you know my name?”

“Bellina told it to me,” Andrew says. “Bellina told me all about you. I’m her fiancé.”

“Oh,” Catalina says. “I suppose she told you about how I stole her boyfriend from her.”

“Yes,” Andrew says. “She did.”

“You must think I’m a terrible person,” Catalina says.

“I don’t think you’re terrible, Catalina,” Andrew says.

“Bellina told everyone else in the neighborhood about what I did,” Catalina says. “Now, none of my neighbors want anything to do with me. They never invite me to social events. They never even say hello to me when they see me on the street. I’m the pariah of the neighborhood.”

“A woman as beautiful as you shouldn’t be the pariah of anything,” Andrew says. “The neighborhood is lucky to have you here. You are by far its most visually pleasing specimen.”

Catalina looks down, blushing.

“Beauty like yours should be embraced… and rewarded,” Andrew says. He starts kissing her.

After a few seconds, Catalina pulls away from Andrew. “Perhaps we shouldn’t do this, Andrew,” she says. “You’re engaged to Bellina, and I have a boyfriend.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” Andrew says. “I was just so overwhelmed by your beauty. A beautiful woman in a beautiful park! It’s nice here, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Catalina says. “I like to come here to read.”

“What book are you reading?” Andrew says.

“It’s a collection of short stories called ‘Tales from Universe 27’,” Catalina says. “It’s mostly uplifting love stories.”

“It sounds wonderful,” Andrew says, lying.

“It’s okay,” Catalina says. “The writing is mostly bad. But every once in a while-”

Andrew suddenly grabs Catalina’s book and tosses it away. “Catalina, I can’t do this anymore,” he says. “We can’t keep lying to ourselves about our feelings for each other. Catalina, I’ve fallen in love with you!”

“I…” Catalina says. “I think… I’ve fallen in love with you too, Andrew. But surely we can’t act on these feelings! I have a boyfriend, and you’re engaged to Bellina! I already betrayed Bellina once, when I stole her boyfriend. It was a terrible, terrible mistake, and I regret it deeply. She and I used to be good friends.”

“I don’t want to betray Bellina either,” Andrew says. “She’s deeply, madly in love with me. If I left her for you, she would be devastated. It could very likely cause her to have a complete mental breakdown. But perhaps there’s a way we could get what we want without hurting Bellina. We’ll start having a secret affair that Bellina we’ll never, ever find out about. I’ll stay with Bellina, and I’ll get married to her, and you and I will carry on our secret relationship in secret.”

“But won’t we eventually get caught?” Catalina says.

“No, not as long as we’re discreet,” Andrew says.

“And you won’t mind continuing to have intimate encounters with Bellina?” Catalina says.

Andrew sighs, trying to appear burdened. “It won’t be easy for me,” he says, lying. “But I’ll endure it, for the sake of protecting Bellina’s sanity.”

“That’s so generous of you, Andrew,” Catalina says. “You’re such a wonderful person!”

“As are you, Catalina,” Andrew says. “Now let’s be wonderful together.”

They begin kissing each other.

A few minutes later, in the spot by the water fountain where Catalina was laying, there is now only her sundress. Andrew and Catalina, still the only people in the park, are having an intimate encounter in the water fountain.

Later, in the evening, Andrew enters Bellina’s mansion. Bellina is there, wearing only very revealing purple lingerie.

“I have a special treat for you, Andrew,” Bellina says.

“I guess we won’t be having dinner now,” Andrew says.

“We can have dinner later,” Bellina says. “But first, we’ll have dessert.”

Andrew follows Bellina into her bedroom.

Later, in the very late evening, Andrew and Bellina are sleeping together on the bed in Bellina’s bedroom.

Outside the mansion, Andrew’s stalker Sheila is standing on the street. Sheila sincerely hopes that Andrew enjoyed his time with the various sluts that he seduced today, as Sheila intends to have Andrew all to herself soon and has no intention of sharing him with other women, ever. Sheila has a plan for Andrew’s future, and it only involves Sheila and Andrew.

“You can’t escape my love, Andrew Squervil,” Sheila says.

The next morning, in the bedroom of Bellina’s mansion, Andrew, who has been sleeping on Bellina’s bed, is awoken by Bellina, who is punching him in the face repeatedly.

Andrew gets out of the bed to escape Bellina’s surprisingly powerful fists.

“What’s going on?” Andrew says. “Why are you hitting me?”

“Get out,” Bellina says. “I want you out of my mansion and out of my life! Our wedding is cancelled and I don’t want to ever see you again!”

“Why?” Andrew says. “What did I do?”

Bellina shows Andrew a photograph that she is holding.

“Someone left this on my doorstep this morning,” Bellina says.

The photograph is of Andrew and Catalina. In the photograph, they are in the park’s water fountain together, clearly having an intimate encounter.

While Andrew is distracted by the photograph, Bellina punches him in the face again.

“I trusted you!” Bellina says. “I trusted you, and you betrayed me in the worst way possible! I hate you, Andrew Squervil! I HATE YOU!”

Knowing there are no lies that could possibly douse this Bellina fire, Andrew turns and leaves Bellina’s bedroom, knowing he will never again be granted access to it. As he exits Bellina’s mansion, his mind is racing. He wonders who took the picture of him and Catalina. Andrew has made many, many enemies.

Andrew quickly decides that he will worry about that later; that he needs to shift his focus to salvaging his current situation; that he may have lost the love of rich Bellina, but rich Catalina is still deeply in love with him. Andrew runs across the street, now intending to marry Catalina for her money.

At the front door of Catalina’s mansion, Andrew rings the mansion’s doorbell.

Catalina answers the door. She looks like she’s been crying. She shows Andrew a photograph she is holding. It is an identical duplicate of the photograph that Bellina had.

While Andrew is distracted by the photograph, Catalina punches him in the face.

“Someone stopped by this morning and gave me this photograph,” she says. “They said you had paid them to take the picture and then give copies to both me and Bellina. Why would you do that, Andrew? Why would you do that to me? Why would you do that to Bellina? The three of us were all going to be so happy together! You and her, and me and you! Why would you ruin that? Why would you trick me into falling in love with you?”

Andrew is stunned. “Catalina, this is all crazy,” he says. “I didn’t pay anyone to do anything! I love you, and I want to marry you!”

Catalina backs away from Andrew. “You’re just trying to deceive me again,” Catalina says. “I don’t know what your motivations are, but I think you’re sick, and I don’t trust you anymore. And I don’t want to ever see you again.”

“Catalina, no, don’t do this to us!” Andrew says.

From inside her mansion, Catalina closes its door and locks it.

“Catalina!” Andrew says, outside her mansion. “Catalina!”

The door does not open again.

Andrew begins walking away, defeated.

Later, he returns to his crummy apartment. He sees a new note on his refrigerator. It is from his obese, hideous female landlord. The note says: “I’m coming over tonight.” On the note, underneath the words, is an absurdly large lipstick imprint.

Andrew sighs, depressed by the idea that his horrible arrangement with the landlord is not going to end anytime soon.

Someone knocks on the front door of Andrew’s apartment. He answers it.

An attractive woman that Andrew has never seen before is standing before him. Unbeknownst to Andrew, this is Sheila.

“Hello,” Sheila says.

“Hello,” Andrew says.

“I live in the apartment building,” Sheila says. “I’ve seen you around the building, and I noticed you look very strong. Would you be able to help me move a heavy piece of furniture in my apartment?”

“Okay,” Andrew says. He doesn’t normally help others, but he finds the woman attractive, and he sees this as an opportunity to seduce her and perhaps manipulate her into letting him live in her apartment for free, thereby allowing him to escape from his current living arrangement with his hideous female landlord.

They go into Sheila’s apartment. Sheila closes and locks the apartment’s front door.

Andrew is shocked by what he sees: on every wall in the apartment, there are many, many photographs of Andrew. The pictures were taken at various locations and various times.

Suddenly, Andrew remembers something the female police detective Debra said about a neighbor named Sheila.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Sheila says. “It’s Sheila. And you’re Andrew. Andrew Squervil.”

“You’ve been… stalking me?” Andrew says.

“Yes,” Sheila says.

“And was it you who gave those pictures to Bellina and Catalina?” Andrew says.

Sheila smiles. “Yes,” she says.

“Why?” Andrew says. “Why would you do that?”

“Because I’m in love with you,” Sheila says. “I’ve been in love with you for a long, long time. And if you think I’m going to allow you to live happily ever after with some other woman, you’re very mistaken, Andrew Squervil! I know you think that that’s unfair, but please understand that this hasn’t been easy for me either. I’ve been madly in love with you, but at the same time I’ve had to live with the knowledge that I’m not worthy of your love. You’re so wonderful, Andrew. You’re a handsome god that I worship. But I’m just an ordinary person. And for a long time, I’ve had to live with the idea that I would never win your love; that you would never truly be mine. And that troubled me deeply. But then I realized that there is a way that I could be worthy of your love: by giving you what you want. And what I’ve learned from following you on your misadventures is that you want to be rich. And now, I can give you that. I can make you rich.”

“How?” Andrew says. “How could you possibly make me rich?”

“By giving you enough money to make it so,” Sheila says.

“You don’t have that much money,” Andrew says. “If you did, you wouldn’t be living in this crummy apartment.”

Sheila grins. She removes a framed photograph of Andrew from a wall, revealing a safe in the wall. She unlocks the safe and opens it. Inside the safe is an absurdly large amount of money.

Andrew is looking at the money, transfixed by it. “Is that really as much money as I think it is?” Andrew says.

“Yes,” Sheila says. “More than enough money to make a person rich.”

“How did you get all this money?” Andrew says.

“I stole it from the law firm that I work for,” Sheila says. “I did it for you, Andrew. This money is a gift from me to you. Do you accept it, and my love?”

Tears are forming in Andrew’s eyes. This is possibly the happiest moment of his life.

“Yes,” Andrew says. “Yes, I accept the money… and your love, Sheila.”

“Really, Andrew?” Sheila says. “Do you really love me?”

“Yes,” Andrew says, lying. He wonders how easy it would be to get Sheila involuntarily, permanently confined to an insane asylum, so he will be able to enjoy the money without this crazy woman around.

“Oh Andrew, I’m so delighted to hear that!” Sheila says. “You and I are going to be so happy together!”

Andrew begins reaching for the money.

Suddenly, the front door to Sheila’s apartment is kicked down. A swarm of uniformed police officers enters the apartment, followed by the two police detectives, Debra and Gunther.

Sheila is looking at Andrew, scared and confused. “Andrew, what’s happening?” she says.

“Sheila, you’re under arrest for the theft of money from your employer,” Debra says. “We’ve had your apartment bugged for days, and we now have a recording of you stating what you did.”

Debra nods at one of the uniformed police officers, who subsequently places handcuffs on Sheila and begins taking her away.

As Sheila is being taken out of her apartment, she says: “Andrew, you did this to me! I trusted you! I loved you! You tricked me! I blame you for this! And I will get my revenge! Do you hear me, Andrew Squervil? I WILL GET MY REVENGE!”

After Sheila has been removed, Andrew notices that some of the police officers are removing the money from the safe and placing it in a plastic bag.

“What are you doing with the money?” Andrew says.

“We’re going to return it to its rightful owner: the law firm,” Debra says.

Tears are forming in Andrew’s eyes again, though this time they are not tears of joy.

“Do I get anything for my involvement in all this?” Andrew says. “You previously mentioned something about a reward.”

“You never agreed to the terms,” Debra says.

Gunther, still very angry at Andrew for seducing Debra, says: “That’s correct. You won’t be getting a reward, Andrew. However, you will be getting something else from us: we’re arresting you.”

“What?!” Andrew says. “Why?”

“We have a recording of you accepting the stolen money from Sheila,” Debra says. “Technically, that makes you an accomplice. We’re legally obligated to arrest you too.”

Gunther nods at one of the uniformed police officers, who subsequently places handcuffs on Andrew and begins taking him out of the apartment.

“That’s not fair,” Andrew says. “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”

A few days later, the trial of Sheila concludes with her being involuntarily confined to an insane asylum. Upon her arrival there, she begins internally plotting her revenge against Andrew Squervil. She now hates Andrew with the same degree of intensity that she previously loved him with. She knows that, if she demonstrates enough fake signs of improvement to the doctors here, she will eventually be released from the asylum. And then, she will be able to act on her deep, seething, burning hatred for Andrew Squervil.

A few days after the conclusion of Sheila’s trial, Andrew’s trial begins. Unfortunately for Andrew, the judge assigned to his trial is one of his ex-lovers, a beautiful woman named Sindra. Like most of Andrew’s ex-lovers, Sindra now despises Andrew. During the course of Andrew’s trial, Sindra learns about the miserable living arrangement Andrew has been in with his disgusting female landlord. Seeking to intensify Andrew’s misery, Sindra judges Andrew guilty and sentences him to home arrest for an indefinite amount of time. Andrew is confined to his crummy apartment. The only person Sindra allows to visit Andrew in the apartment is his landlord. The landlord is permitted to visit Andrew in the apartment whenever she desires. Knowing that Andrew is now in his apartment at all times, the landlord visits him on a much more frequent basis than before, sometimes staying with him in the apartment for entire days. She is very grateful for the judge’s decision, so much so that she sends the judge a thank-you note.