Horrible Ex-girlfriend Screensaver

Using a great amount of willpower, and with a great amount of encouragement from his friends, a man named Paul breaks up with his beautiful girlfriend, Inna.

Inna was a dangerous woman for Paul to be involved with. All of Inna’s prior boyfriends ended up much worse off because of their relationships with Inna. Some ended up in jail. Some ended up confined to sanitariums. One ended up trapped on a deserted island for the rest of his life. And so on.

Despite Inna’s dangerousness, it was not easy for Paul to break up with Inna. Breaking up with Inna meant giving up access to her sexy body. Paul knows he will miss it dearly.

One of Paul’s friends, a man named Cole, is worried that Paul is in danger of relapsing. Cole fears that, without proper ongoing intervention, Paul might eventually resume his toxic relationship with Inna.

To help reduce the likelihood of that happening, Cole breaks into Paul’s apartment while Paul is away at work and sets up various reminders meant to remind Paul how horrible it would be for him to return to Inna, lest he be tempted to do so.

Among these reminders is a new doorbell, which, instead of playing the sound of a traditional doorbell, plays a recording of an old voicemail from Inna to Paul in which she is verbally abusive to Paul.

Another reminder is a long list of many of Inna’s ex-boyfriends. On the list, next to each boyfriend’s name is a description of the miserable fate that befell him due to his relationship with Inna. Copies of this list are glued to various places in Paul’s apartment, including the front door, the refrigerator, and the bathroom mirror.

Another reminder is a life-size cardboard cutout of a picture of Inna. Cole had taken this picture of Inna during a party that she and Paul and Cole had attended. Inna was in a very bad mood that day, and it is evident from the hostile expression on her face in the picture. This unpleasant-looking cardboard cutout of Inna is in Paul’s bedroom and facing Paul’s bed so it is the first thing Paul will see when he wakes up every morning.

Another reminder is an animated screensaver that Cole had installed on Paul’s laptop computer. The screensaver is set to turn on after only five seconds of inactivity. The screensaver contains an animated version of Inna, who looks very angry and is repeatedly making an obscene gesture with her middle finger at the viewer.

The first time that Paul sees the Inna screensaver, he is shocked and absolutely horrified by it. He tries to remove the screensaver from his computer, but is unable to do so. Of all the Inna reminders in his apartment, the screensaver is by far the most troubling.

But over time, the screensaver starts to have a different effect on Paul. It causes him to start lusting for Inna again, so much so that he goes to Inna and begs her to take him back. Inna takes Paul back, and he ends up financially ruined and in jail later that month.