In an upper-class neighborhood, a rich woman named Keeka is in her mansion. Every room in Keeka’s mansion is full of locusts. The locusts are everywhere, flying in swarms.

Keeka does not like the locusts and would prefer that they were not in her mansion. She has been trying, unsuccessfully, to avoid them. At the moment, she is trying to get various locusts off of her body and out of her hair. But for every locust that Keeka removes, two more take its place. Keeka wants to scream, but she won’t, as that would lead to locusts going into her mouth.

The locusts have been in Keeka’s mansion for almost a week now. They were arranged to be put there by four very tall, very rich, very beautiful female neighbors of Keeka. The names of the four female neighbors are Fawna, Nella, Miona, and Tabeeza. They are a social clique known as the Swans. The Swans are very, very popular. Many women want to be Swans, and many men want to be with the Swans.

Keeka wants to be a Swan. She desperately craves the popularity and power that comes with being a Swan.

Currently, Keeka is a candidate for Swan membership. She has been a candidate for a very, very long time, so much so that she sometimes wonders if the Swans have no intention of ever making her a Swan.

Unfortunately for Keeka, Swan membership candidates are required to be subjected to a grueling hazing process. This hazing process involves being tortured by the Swans in various ways, and having to obey all of the Swans’ commands.

The locusts in Keeka’s mansion are the latest torture the Swans are subjecting Keeka to. The Swans are requiring Keeka to stay in her mansion with these locusts for an entire week. This has been a very long week for Keeka.

In theory, Keeka could exit the mansion and get far, far away from the locusts. But doing so would be a violation of the terms of her Swan membership candidacy, thereby ending any chance she has of ever becoming a Swan. So Keeka stays in the mansion with the many, many locusts. Keeka hates the Swans so much. She hopes to become a Swan soon.