During an evening, in an upscale nightclub that is frequently populated with rich, beautiful, single women, a sleazy non-rich man named Andrew Squervil is sitting at the bar and talking with a rich, beautiful, single woman sitting next to him. Andrew met her only a few minutes ago. Their conversation is going well. She is quite taken with him.

Seducing women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

Andrew wants to become rich and he sees this rich woman as his opportunity to do so. He intends to seduce her and then marry her for her money.

Unfortunately for Andrew, a woman he doesn’t know named Sheila is nearby, sitting alone at a table in a dark corner of the room. Unbeknownst to Andrew, Sheila is obsessed with Andrew and has been stalking him for some time. Sheila intends to make Andrew hers some day.

Sheila is employed as a paralegal at a very busy law firm. It is a very demanding job that often requires her to work late. Because of her job, she doesn’t have time to stalk Andrew as much as she’d like to.

Today has been a fortunate day for Sheila, as she managed to leave work early, giving her the opportunity to follow Andrew into this nightclub and admire him from afar.

Sheila doesn’t like the rich woman Andrew is chatting with. Sheila dislikes all women who are interested in Andrew.

Now, at the bar, Andrew and the rich woman are kissing each other. Andrew is certain that he is very, very close to achieving his goal to become rich.

“I don’t think so, Andrew Squervil,” Sheila says, too far away from Andrew and anyone else to be heard.

From her dark corner of the room, Sheila takes a very small blowpipe out of her purse. The blowpipe looks like a cigarette and contains extremely tiny, barely visible darts, all of which contain a drug that temporarily knocks out its victims. After her obsession with Andrew started, Sheila obtained this blowpipe and these darts to deal with situations like this one.

Sheila aims the blowpipe at Andrew and blows into it, shooting a dart at him. The dart hits him in the back of his neck, then falls to the ground. The entire incident was unseen by Andrew or the rich woman or anyone else in the nightclub, and Andrew did not even feel the dart prick him ever so briefly. He and the rich woman are still making out with each other.

Then the drug from the dart takes effect, causing Andrew to become unconscious and fall to the floor.

The rich woman is looking down at Andrew’s unconscious body, confused by this unexpected turn of events.

Annoyed at Andrew for being unconscious, she gets up and leaves the tavern.

Sheila is staring at Andrew, waiting for him to regain consciousness so she can see the annoyed, bewildered expression on his face when he realizes that he passed out and that the rich woman is gone. Sheila always finds Andrew’s facial expressions so adorable.