During an afternoon, a man, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, and Melissa’s female friend, Vanessa, are on a beach together. At the moment, they are all sitting in beach chairs and sunning themselves. Melissa is sitting between Craig and Vanessa. Craig would much rather be sitting between Melissa and Vanessa, so he could be closer to Vanessa, who he is secretly in love with, unbeknownst to both Melissa and Vanessa.

“It’s getting very hot now,” Vanessa says.

“Yes, the sun is in full effect,” Melissa says. “Vanessa, you should really apply some of that sun cream I brought. Otherwise, you’ll definitely get sunburn.”

“Would you apply it for me, Melissa?” Vanessa says. “I can never apply those creams to my body correctly. I always put on either too much or too little.”

“Sure, I’ll apply the cream for you,” Melissa says.

Melissa takes her bottle of sun cream and squirts a large amount of the cream into her hand. She then begins to apply the cream to various parts of Vanessa’s perfect, shapely, bikini-clad body. As Craig discreetly watches this sight, he knows he should be enjoying it, but all he feels is an intense jealousy toward his wife.