The Sindra Effect

Today, in a city, a man named John is being released from the city’s prison, which he was confined to for a very short period of time. This confinement was the result of a trial in which John was found guilty of massive fraud. The trial’s judge, an attractive woman named Sindra, inexplicably sentenced John to only one day of imprisonment, even though people found guilty of his crime were usually given much longer prison sentences.

John doesn’t know why the judge, Sindra, had given him such a light sentence, but he doesn’t care. He’s just glad to be free from the prison.

Upon his release from the prison, John sees his girlfriend, an attractive woman named Michelle, standing outside of the prison. She has been waiting for John.

John and Michelle kiss each other.

“I love you, John,” Michelle says.

“And I love you, Michelle,” John says.

“Let’s go home,” Michelle says.

Michelle leads John to her car. They get into the car and she begins driving them back to their apartment.

While they are driving, Michelle says: “John, there’s something you should know: while you were in custody during your trial, I cheated on you.”

“What?!” John says.

“With Sindra,” Michelle says.

“The judge?!” John says.

“Yes,” Michelle says. “I did it for you, John. I didn’t want you to be stuck in jail for a long period of time. So I went to her home with a bag of money, intending to bribe her into giving you a light sentence. But Sindra wasn’t interested in my money. She said she already has more than enough money, due to many other money bribes she’s received over the years. But while she was rejecting my offer, I noticed her sneaking glances at my body, and I realized I had something else I could bribe her with. So I offered that to her instead, and she gladly accepted my offer. We spent an entire weekend together. You wouldn’t believe the things she did to me and had me do to her. I hope you appreciate all I went through for you, John.”

“I do, Michelle,” John says. “I really do.”

Later, in the late evening, in the bedroom of their apartment, John and Michelle are laying next to each other on their bed, both with their eyes closed and trying to fall asleep. Both of them are consumed by thoughts of Sindra. Michelle is thinking about how Sindra was the best lover Michelle ever had, far better than John. John is thinking about how during his trial, he would often stare at Sindra longingly as she sat in her judge’s podium. And John is thinking about how, much to his jealousy, Michelle got to experience Sindra, whereas he never would.

Eventually, John and Michelle both fall asleep. They both spend the rest of the night dreaming of Sindra.