The New Queen Bee

During an afternoon, on the 567th floor of an office building of a corporation that manufactures and sells very popular honey products, a male employee named Alan stops by the cubicle of a chubby female employee named Lisa. Lisa has been the personal assistant of the honey corporation’s owner and president, a beautiful woman named Gloria. Alan is one of the corporation’s many file clerks. He is also Lisa’s boyfriend. Lisa pulled some strings to get Alan his file clerk job.

“Ready to go to lunch?” Alan says.

Lisa is staring at her computer with a stunned look on her face. “You won’t believe the email I just received,” she says. “It’s from Gloria. She said she’s grown tired of owning and running the honey corporation, so she sold it this morning and isn’t coming back.”

“What?!” Alan says. “Gloria is gone?!”

“Good riddance,” Lisa says. “I never liked her anyway. She was a total slut.”

“Yes, good riddance,” Alan says, even though he really doesn’t share the sentiment. The truth is, he very much liked Gloria. More specifically, he liked her shapely body and pretty face. Unbeknownst to Lisa, Alan had been having a secret office affair with Gloria.

Also unbeknownst to Lisa, Alan has been having secret office affairs with three other beautiful female employees of the honey corporation. For that reason, Alan very much wants his employment to continue, and is worried about what Gloria’s departure from the corporation will mean for his job security.

“Who did Gloria sell the corporation to?” Alan says.

“According to her email, she sold it to her best friend, a woman named Olivia,” Lisa says. “And according to the email, Olivia is coming to the building today to make her debut.”

A moment later, the nearby elevator doors open and a short, fat, dark-haired woman steps out of the elevator. She is wearing a low-cut, cow-colored dress, and is holding a matching cow-colored purse. She has a very cheerful expression on her face. Alan finds her repulsive.

She sees Alan and Lisa and begins walking toward them. Oh no, Alan thinks. He is very fearful that this repulsive woman who reminds him of a cow might be the new owner and president of the corporation.

“Hello!” the short, fat, dark-haired woman says. “My name is Olivia! I’m the new owner and president of the corporation! You must be Lisa!”

“Hello,” Lisa says. “It’s nice to meet you, Olivia.”

“Likewise,” Olivia says. “Gloria told me all about you. I look forward to our working relationship.”

“As do I,” Lisa says.

Before Alan can sneak away, Olivia says to him: “And who are you?”

“I’m Alan,” Alan says.

“Alan!” Olivia says, with a hint of desire in her voice that goes unnoticed by Lisa. “Gloria has told me all about you as well. I’m especially looking forward to working with you. And I intend for you and I to have the same type of relationship that you had with Gloria, with you working directly under me on a regular basis.”

Alan gulps, troubled by the knowledge that he will have to do with Olivia what he did with Gloria if he wants to keep his job, and, more importantly, his secret office affairs with the three beautiful female co-workers.

“Well I’m going to get settled in my office now,” Olivia says. “It was nice meeting the both of you. Oh, and Alan? I’m going to need you to stay very late tonight to work on a special project with me in my office. See you later.”

Olivia goes into her nearby office and shuts its door.

“She seems nice,” Lisa says. “I already like her much more than Gloria.”

“Me too,” Alan says, lying. He misses Gloria terribly.

Later, in the evening, in Olivia’s office, after Lisa has gone home, Alan begins cheating on Lisa with Olivia.