Today, on the 135th floor of an office building of a corporation that manufactures and sells honey products, a man named Nerwin is in his cubicle, toiling away on a boring project. Nerwin is a low-level employee at this honey corporation.

One of Nerwin’s co-workers, a sleazy man named Thad, enters Nerwin’s cubicle. Thad is the same age as Nerwin, but more physically attractive than Nerwin. Thad has been intimately involved with various women at the company. Nerwin dislikes Thad, but Thad is completely oblivious to that dislike.

“Did you hear the latest news?” Thad says. “Olivia terminated twenty-five employees today.”

Thad is referring to Olivia, the honey corporation’s current owner and president. Olivia recently purchased the corporation from its previous owner-slash-president Gloria.

“Who was terminated?” Nerwin says. “Anyone I know?”

“Blerva was terminated,” Thad says, referring to one of the company’s vice presidents.

Nerwin despises Blerva, and is glad to learn that she is gone. Her departure puts an end to certain burdens she’d been causing Nerwin to have.

“Oh, and Maria was also terminated,” Thad says, referring to a beautiful female co-worker who Nerwin has an unrequited infatuation with.

“Maria?!” Nerwin says. “Maria was terminated?”

“Yup, she’s gone,” Thad says. “I’m really sad about that. I never got around to seducing her. And now she’s gone forever. And to make matters worse, there’s going to be thirty-seven more terminations next week.”

“How do you know that information?” Nerwin says. “Isn’t that confidential?”

“That blond female hottie who works in the human resources department shared the information with me,” Thad says. “I’m having a secret office affair with her.”

“Yes, of course you are,” Nerwin says, annoyed.

“Well, I must be going now,” Thad says. “I’m supposed to meet that human resources hottie now for another intimate encounter.”

“You don’t know her name, do you?” Nerwin says.

Thad chuckles. “See you later!” he says cheerfully, as if he’s already forgotten all about Maria. He exits Nerwin’s cubicle.

“Maria…” Nerwin says.