One Last Time

During an afternoon, a man named Martin Pimbly enters a coffee shop. His girlfriend Pustilla is back at their shared apartment and doesn’t know that Martin is in this coffee shop.

Martin sees the person he came here to meet: Pustilla’s beautiful female friend Riora. Riora is sitting alone at a table.

Martin joins Riora at the table. “Hello, Riora,” he says.

“Hello, Martin,” Riora says. “Thanks for agreeing to meet me here. You didn’t tell anyone you were meeting me, did you?”

“No, I kept it a secret like you asked,” Martin says.

“Good,” Riora says.

“So… why did you ask me to meet you here in secret?” Martin says.

Riora takes a deep breath. “Martin, as you know, I’m engaged to Liglio,” she says, referring to a male underwear model named Liglio, who is an acquaintance of Martin and Pustilla. “Soon, he and I are going to be married. I love Liglio, so very, very much. Sometimes I think he’s the only man I have ever truly loved and could ever truly love. And after he and I get married, I want him and I to be in a fully committed, strictly monogamous relationship, forever and ever.”

“Oh,” Martin says, still confused.

“But before I commit to that strictly monogamous relationship with Liglio, I want to experience another man, just one last time,” Riora says. “That’s why I asked you here, Martin: I want you to be my final non-Liglio lover.”

“You want… me?” Martin says.

“Yes,” Riora says. “I’ve given it a lot of thought. And I’ve come to realize that the only way I can cheat on Liglio without feeling guilty about it afterwards is if I cheat on him with a man I’m not at all attracted to. That’s why I’m asking you, Martin. Will you do it? Please say yes! You’re the only unattractive man I know.” She places one of her hands on one of Martin’s hands and is looking at him pleadingly.

Martin has found Riora attractive for as long as he has known her. Often, at nights, when he is with his hideous girlfriend Pustilla in their shared bedroom, he imagines that Pustilla is Riora. Before this moment, Martin never thought he would ever have a chance to be with Riora.

“Okay,” Martin says. “I’ll do it.”

“Thanks, Martin,” Riora says. “I’m ever so grateful. You’re a true friend.”

“Yes, well, anything for a friend,” Martin says, trying to not show his desperate desire for Riora. “So shall we go to a nearby hotel to get this over with?”

“That would be lovely, but unfortunately I have to get back to work now,” Riora says. “But let’s meet tomorrow night, at my and Liglio’s apartment. Liglio will be away by then. Tomorrow morning, he’ll be leaving for a week-long, out-of-country photo shoot.”

“Okay,” Martin says. “Tomorrow night it is.”

The next day, in the evening, Martin arrives at the apartment building that contains Riora and Liglio’s apartment. Martin goes to their apartment and knocks on its front door.

Riora opens the door, but doesn’t let him inside. She looks very upset, like she’s been crying.

“What’s wrong?” Martin says.

“Oh Martin, it’s awful,” Riora says. “My engagement to Liglio is off! I broke up with him!”

“You did?” Martin says. “How come?”

“I found out that he had been cheating on me!” Riora says. “Last night, I came home from work early, intending to surprise him in my own special way. But when I came into the apartment, he was in the bedroom with two female models! So I broke up with him and called off our engagement and kicked him out of the apartment.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry things didn’t work out between you two,” Martin says, secretly worried about whether this development will affect the intimate encounter he’s scheduled to have with Riora tonight. “Do you still want to-”

“No,” Riora says. “There’s no point now. The engagement is off. Goodnight, Martin.” She closes the door.

Martin leaves the apartment building, annoyed at Liglio for ruining Martin’s chance to be with Riora.