Vegan Milkshake

Today, a very beautiful, very famous female celebrity named Lililalaya is walking down a crowded city street, accompanied by her male personal assistant, Leonardo. At the moment, Lililalaya is holding and drinking a vegan milkshake, and Leonardo is holding shopping bags containing many, many expensive items that Lililalaya purchased today.

Lililalaya is wearing a large hat, a wig, and sunglasses, collectively meant to disguise her, so that she won’t be recognized and pestered by any of her fans, who she despises. Though her disguise is working, she has still been getting noticed by many, many people, due to her shapely body, though none of them have realized that she is the famous actress-slash-songstress-slash-supermodel Lililalaya.

Lililalaya and her personal assistant Leonardo stop to observe a nearby spectacle: outside of a building, a group of many, many large, angry-looking women, who all look like professional bodybuilders, are holding signs and are yelling protest chants in unison, apparently directed at some person or some corporate entity located in the building.

“I wonder what they’re protesting,” Leonardo says.

“Who cares?” Lililalaya says. “I am so bored.”

Out of boredom, Lililalaya throws her vegan milkshake at the large, angry female protestors, who are all looking in the opposite direction.

The vegan milkshake hits one of the female protestors on the head and splatters on all of them.

The large, angry female protestors all stop chanting and turn around, shocked and outraged. They are all staring at Lililalaya and Leonardo.

Leonardo is stunned, unable to comprehend why Lililalaya did what she did.

“Which of you threw that?” one of the female protestors says.

Without hesitation, Lililalaya points at Leonardo and says: “He did it.”

The large, angry female protestors put down their signs and walk toward Leonardo. They proceed to pummel him mercilessly while Lililalaya looks on, amused.