Forms of Hell

A man named Andrew Squervil returns to his apartment shortly after being released from a hellish form of prison known as the Chamber of Misery. Andrew had been incarcerated there for a very long time as a result of his failed attempt to defraud a charitable foundation out of money.

Much to Andrew’s dismay, on the front door of his apartment is a note from his hideous, obese female landlord. The note says:

“Welcome back from prison, Andrew. I’ve missed that body of yours. I’ll be coming by tonight. Looking forward to our imminent reunion.”

On the note, underneath the words, is an imprint of her lipstick.

Andrew shudders. He has a special arrangement with her in which he gets to live in the apartment for free in exchange for being her plaything. Andrew despises the landlord and her fat, furry body, but he has major money problems, and this is, unfortunately for him, the best living option currently available to him.

From one hell to another, Andrew thinks.