Photo Shoot

During an afternoon, on a beach that is currently reserved for a photo shoot, a beautiful female celebrity named Lililalaya is laying on a beach towel on the sand and wearing a very revealing bikini and posing provocatively while a famous photographer is aiming his camera at Lililalaya and taking pictures of her for a magazine cover she will be appearing on.

Various other professionals involved in the photo shoot are also on the beach, standing behind the photographer so as not to interfere with the picture-taking of Lililalaya. The various other professionals are gazing at Lililalaya’s perfect, shapely body, mesmerized by it.

While this is going on, Lililalaya’s personal assistant, a man named Leonardo, who is also on the beach and behind the photographer, begins getting attacked by a flock of angry birds that were drawn to him by the strong, lingering scent of the exotic beverage that Lililalaya doused Leonardo with earlier today. The birds are biting and clawing at Leonardo mercilessly. Leonardo falls to the ground and screams in pain as the birds’ attack continues.

From where she is laying, Lililalaya notices what is happening to Leonardo. She grins, amused. No one else on the beach attempts to help Leonardo either, as they are all too distracted by Lililalaya’s body to notice or care about Leonardo’s plight.