Body Cast

A man named Andrew Squervil opens his eyes in response to the sound of a man saying: “Are you okay?”

Andrew is in immense pain. He is laying on the concrete ground in front of a mansion belonging to a beautiful rich woman named Prettia and her rich husband. Prettia and her husband are standing over Andrew, looking down at him. It is daytime.

“Are you okay?” Prettia’s husband says to Andrew again.

Andrew is in too much pain to respond.

Though Andrew has never met Prettia’s husband before, Andrew recognizes the husband from framed wedding photographs Andrew saw in the couple’s master bedroom last night. In the photographs, Prettia looks so devoted to her husband, which is ironic.

“Can you hear me?” Prettia’s husband says to Andrew, very concerned. “Don’t worry. You’ll be okay. I called for help. An ambulance is on its way.”

Prettia’s husband turns to Prettia. “How did he get here?” he says. “What happened to him?”

“It was the strangest thing,” Prettia says. “I saw it all happen from the bedroom window. He was walking down the street. And then suddenly a car pulled up beside him, and four masked men with baseball bats got out of the car! When he saw them, he started running. They chased after him until they finally caught him here in front of our mansion. Then they held him down and beat him mercilessly with their bats. Then they got back into the car and it drove off.”

“Who is he?” Prettia’s husband says. “Is he one of our neighbors? I’ve never seen him before.”

“I’ve never seen him before either,” Prettia says, lying.

Last night, Andrew and Prettia were in the mansion’s master bedroom. Prettia had lured Andrew there with the intention of cheating on her husband with Andrew. However, before Andrew could indulge in Prettia, they were interrupted by the sound of her husband arriving home, back from his out-of-country business trip one day earlier than Prettia had expected. Prettia’s husband was in the mansion and was heading upstairs to the master bedroom, unaware that Prettia and Andrew were in there. Prettia was in a panicked state, desperately trying to conceal her attempted infidelity from her husband. In her panicked state, she pushed Andrew out of the bedroom’s window, causing him to fall a great height before landing on the hard, cruel, concrete ground outside.

Andrew presumes that Prettia didn’t ‘witness his assault’ until this morning because she was too busy having intimate encounters with her husband for the remainder of the night.

Now Andrew can see that Prettia’s plan to deceive her husband has worked. Her husband is deeply concerned for Andrew’s well-being and is completely oblivious to the fact that Prettia was trying to have an intimate encounter with this wounded man just a few hours earlier.

Later, Andrew is laying on a bed in a hospital bedroom. He is wearing a full body cast and his mouth is wired shut. He is completely immobile. All he can do is observe his surroundings.

Andrew observes his hospital bedroom. It is much nicer than the crummy apartment he is currently living in.

The memory of Andrew’s current living situation makes him cringe. Andrew, who has major money problems, hasn’t had to pay any money for the apartment. The apartment’s hideous, obese female landlord lets him live there for free in exchange for being her plaything. Andrew doesn’t like being her plaything, but this is the best living option currently available to him.

Prettia and her husband enter the hospital bedroom.

“Hello,” Prettia’s husband says to Andrew. “We just came by to see how you were doing. A nurse told us your name is Andrew Squervil. That was the name on the identification card that was found in your wallet. My name is Brock, and this is my wife Prettia.”

“We hope you’re feeling better, Andrew,” Prettia says.

Andrew sneaks a look at Prettia’s shapely body. He desires her more than ever before.

A doctor enters the hospital bedroom. “Hello,” the doctor says. “I’m Andrew’s doctor.”

“Oh doctor, will Andrew be okay?” Prettia says. “He looks so broken!”

The doctor sneaks a look at Prettia’s shapely body. “I gave Andrew a thorough examination earlier,” the doctor says. “Unfortunately, the beating he received caused damage to nearly every part of his body. In fact, the only part of his body that experienced no damage whatsoever is his pelvic region.”

“Oh thank goodness,” Prettia says, relieved. “What about his face? Will his face recover from those unsightly bruises?”

“Yes, his face will recover,” the doctor says. “Based on my examination, I have determined that Andrew will eventually make a full recovery from all of his wounds.”

“Oh how wonderful!” Prettia says.

“And even better, I am clearing Andrew for discharge from this hospital,” the doctor says. “He can go home today and complete his long, painful recovery at home. According to the information we found in his wallet, he lives in a nearby apartment. Will the two of you take him home?”

“Absolutely,” Prettia’s husband Brock says.

Later, Prettia and Brock transport Andrew home via Brock’s expensive car. Prettia and Brock carry Andrew into his apartment and prop him up on his bed.

“Well, I guess we’ll be leaving now,” Brock says to Andrew. “I’m sorry we had to meet under such unfortunate circumstances. I hope you make a full recovery soon.”

“As do I,” Prettia says to Andrew. “Perhaps we’ll visit you from time to time, to make sure your recovery is going well. In fact, we’ll visit you next week! Oh wait, Brock is going to be out of the country next week on a business trip. I guess I’ll have to visit you alone.” She winks at Andrew discreetly, out of Brock’s view.

“Actually, unfortunately, neither of us will get to visit you anytime soon, Andrew,” Brock says awkwardly.

Prettia is confused. “What are you talking about?” she says to Brock.

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” Brock says to Prettia. “I wanted to reveal it to you tonight, at dinner, in a fancy restaurant. But I guess I might as well reveal it to you now: while I was on my out-of-country business trip, I bought us a mansion in that neighborhood you said you really wanted to move to: Shendeckery!”

“You bought us a mansion in Shendeckery?” Prettia says, elated.

“Yes!” Brock says, “And I secretly sold the mansion we currently live in, since we won’t need that one anymore! And I secretly made all the moving arrangements already, including our travel arrangements. We will leave for our new home tomorrow morning!”

“Oh this is so exciting, Brock!” Prettia says. “I desire you more than ever before!” She kisses Brock.

Brock says to Andrew: “Unfortunately, this new mansion Prettia and I are moving into is located in Shendeckery, a town located in a country very, very far away from here. So us visiting you anytime in the future is not a possibility. So this must be goodbye. But it was nice meeting you, Andrew Squervil. Farewell.”

“Yes, farewell, Andrew,” Prettia says absent-mindedly. “Let’s go, Brock. I can’t wait to see my new mansion! What color is it?”

“Light blue!” Brock says.

“That’s my favorite color!” Prettia says.

“I know!” Brock says.

Andrew gazes at Prettia’s shapely body as Prettia and Brock exit the apartment. Andrew hopes that he can keep that image present in his mind when he is being visited by his hideous, obese female landlord.