At the moment, a man named Martin Pimbly is standing outside and staring at a very large billboard that is overlooking a busy street. On the billboard is an advertisement for a well-known brand of lollipops. The advertisement features the brand’s celebrity spokesperson, a very beautiful woman named Lililalaya. Lililalaya is a supermodel and an actress and a songstress. She is also an object of desire in many, many men’s fantasies. Martin has often wondered what it would be like to be with her. When he is having intimate encounters with his far less attractive girlfriend Pustilla, he often imagines that she is Lililalaya. Though Martin knows, with absolute certainty, that such fantasies could never rival the real thing. He also knows, with absolute certainty, that Lililalaya is forever out of his reach. On the billboard advertisement, Lililalaya is holding a lollipop and sucking on it and looking like she is deriving great pleasure from it. For the first time in his life, Martin is jealous of a lollipop.