Disposable Oaf

A beautiful woman named Olga and a woman named Linda are on a beach. They are sitting in beach chairs, sunning themselves. Olga and Linda and Linda’s new boyfriend Roy are spending the day at the beach together. At the moment, Linda’s boyfriend Roy is swimming in the nearby ocean.

Linda and Olga are discussing some of Olga’s failed relationships with men, specifically a man named Andrew and a man named Sliv.

“I fell in love with Andrew,” Olga says, speaking in her sexy, Russian-sounding accent. “Then I found out he was cheating on me. Later on, I fell in love with Sliv. Then I found out he was also cheating on me. Lately, it seems like every man I fall in love with turns out to be despicable.”

“That’s your problem: you need to take a break from falling in love,” Linda says, watching her boyfriend Roy swimming in the nearby ocean. “You’re always getting involved with men who you think could be your soul mate. You need to stop searching for love. You’ll never find your soul mate by searching for him. You only set yourself up for disappointment by doing that. You’ll meet your soul mate only when you’re not looking and when you least expect it. That’s how I ended up meeting Roy.”

“So what are you proposing?” Olga says. “That I take a break from men altogether? You know I can’t do that. I have… needs. Needs that only men can satisfy.”

“I’m not saying you should take a break from men,” Linda says. “I’m just saying you should take a break from men who you could potentially fall in love with. What you need right now is a man who is nothing more than a plaything to you. A sexy, but utterly disposable oaf who you could never fall in love with.”

At that moment, Olga notices Linda’s boyfriend Roy walking out of the ocean, having finished his swim. Olga lowers her sunglasses to get a better look at Roy. She is only now noticing how well-toned his body is.

“Perhaps you’re right,” Olga says. “Perhaps I should get myself a disposable oaf. Someone who I can have some fun with and then toss away.”

“Great,” Linda says, skimming through a book she’s holding, not noticing Olga’s lustful gaze at Roy. “Do you have anyone particular in mind?”

“Perhaps,” Olga says, still observing Roy’s well-toned body. “Perhaps. Thanks for your advice, Linda. It was very good advice indeed.”