The Pelvic Prison

In a bookstore, a used paperback version of a novel is available for purchase in the bargain book section. The name of the novel is “The Pelvic Prison”.

The synopsis on the back of the paperback version of the novel is:

“A chronic womanizer named Fernandio thinks he’s found paradise: an island populated by beautiful, available women! However, the island’s vicious queen has other plans for Fernandio. Before he has a chance to indulge in the island’s fleshy delights, the queen entraps him in a horrific waistline contraption that prevents him from doing what he enjoys doing most! Now, Fernandio must figure out how to escape from the contraption and overthrow the queen! Will he succeed? Or will he forever be trapped in the pelvic prison?”

At the end of the novel, the island’s vicious queen, Hellena, is overthrown by another woman, Heavena.

Initially, Fernandio thinks that this is a good thing; that he will now be freed from Hellena’s pelvic prison and will get the opportunity to indulge in the island’s fleshy delights. However, the new queen, Heavena, turns out to be far more vicious than Hellena. Heavena frees Fernandio from Hellena’s pelvic prison, but then immediately entraps him in a different pelvic prison, one which Heavena believes is a far superior model and far more impossible to escape from.