Flirtatious Behavior

During an afternoon, on the 567th floor of an office building of a corporation that manufactures and sells very popular honey products, a newly hired male employee named Alan stops by the cubicle of a chubby female employee named Lisa. Lisa is the personal assistant of the honey corporation’s owner and president, a beautiful woman named Gloria. Alan is one of the corporation’s many file clerks. He is also Lisa’s boyfriend. Lisa and Alan have been dating for several weeks. Lisa pulled some strings to get Alan his file clerk job.

“So how’s your first day at work going?” Lisa says.

“Awful,” Alan says. “Everything about this place is so distasteful. And why are there jars of honey everywhere? There are five jars of honey at my desk. And when I tried to remove them to make space, my supervisor reprimanded me.”

“Yeah, I hate it here too,” Lisa says. “But cheer up. The day is almost over. And I’ve got a very special surprise for you tonight after work.” Lisa winks at Alan in a seductive manner.

Alan tries to appear enticed, even though he doesn’t find Lisa attractive and has only been romantically involved with her because of the financial benefits that have come with it.

Suddenly, Gloria, the stunningly beautiful owner and president of the honey corporation, appears. She enters Lisa’s cubicle, holding a single piece of paper.

Lisa smiles nervously, worried that Gloria may have overheard Lisa and Alan’s derogatory comments about the corporation.

Alan also smiles nervously, overwhelmed by Gloria’s beauty. He has seen pictures of Gloria on the corporation’s website, but she is even more beautiful in person. Alan has spent large amounts of time gazing at pictures of Gloria on the corporation’s website. He thinks of those pictures often, especially when he is receiving very special surprises from Lisa.

Gloria hands the piece of paper to Lisa. “I need you to fax this to Hana,” Gloria says.

Gloria sees a framed picture of Alan and Lisa on Lisa’s desk. Gloria turns to Alan. “You must be Lisa’s boyfriend,” Gloria says. She extends her hand to Alan. “I’m Gloria,” Gloria says.

Alan shakes Gloria’s dainty hand, which is a stark contrast to Lisa’s fat hands.

“I’m Alan,” Alan says. “It’s such an honor to meet you, and to have the opportunity to work for your corporation. I’m such a fan of all your honey products. I’m such a fan of you in general. I’m just so in agreement with everything about you. Everything about you is so… wonderful.”

Gloria smiles flirtatiously. She dips her finger into an open jar of honey on Lisa’s desk. Gloria holds her honey-covered finger out to Alan. “Have you tried this honey yet?” Gloria says. “It’s a new recipe. We haven’t released it to the general public yet.”

“No, I haven’t tried it yet,” Alan says.

“Please, have a taste,” Gloria says, moving her honey-covered finger closer to Alan’s mouth. “I’d love to know what you think of it.”

Alan sucks on Gloria’s finger, tasting the honey, and Gloria.

“What do you think?” Gloria says.

“Delicious,” Alan says. “Even better than I imagined it would be.”

Gloria and Alan are both grinning and utterly ignoring Lisa, who is horrified by what she is witnessing.

“I have a special project I want you to help me with, Alan,” Gloria says. “It’s going to require you to work very late tonight, and you’ll be working directly under me. Do you think you can handle that?

“Absolutely,” Alan says. “It will be an honor to work directly under you. I will cherish the opportunity.”

“I bet you will,” Gloria says. “Stop by my office in three hours. I’ll be waiting for you.” Gloria dips her finger into the jar of honey again, then sucks on her finger seductively.

She then turns to Lisa. “Don’t forget about that fax, Lisa,” Gloria says.

Gloria exits the cubicle and then returns to her office and closes its door.

Lisa is upset. “What was that all about?” she says.

“What?” Alan says.

“You were flirting with her!” Lisa says.

“So?” Alan says.

“You’re my boyfriend!” Lisa says.

“The flirting didn’t mean anything,” Alan says. “You’re being ridiculous.”

“You sucked on her finger!” Lisa says. “Right in front of me! And what was all that talk about working directly under her tonight?”

“It’s just business,” Alan says. “I’m just stringing her along to help advance my career here at the corporation. Obviously, nothing is actually going to happen between me and her tonight. I just need to have her thinking that something might happen between me and her eventually if she keeps giving me opportunities. I mean, it can only be good for my career to have the corporation’s owner and president lusting after me, right? You do want me to get ahead in this corporation, don’t you?”

“Yes, but-” Lisa says.

“Good, because I’m doing it for us,” Alan says. “I’m doing it for you. Okay?”

“Okay,” Lisa says, uncertain.

“Do you trust me?” Alan says.

“Of course I trust you, Alan,” Lisa says.

“Good,” Alan says. He kisses Lisa.

Later, in the evening, in Gloria’s office, after Lisa has gone home, Alan begins cheating on Lisa with Gloria.