Today, a man named Orvel is released from a pit containing thousands of worms, where he has been sealed in for the past five days. Orvel had been in that pit voluntarily, as part of a public demonstration.

The worms in the pit are all a certain type of worm known as the Punvarian Worm. The Punvarian Worms are an endangered species. Because of a common misconception that the Punvarian Worms are dangerous to humans, many people think that it would be a good idea to let the Punvarian Worms go extinct.

The public demonstration that Orvel was a part of was meant to show how harmless the Punvarian Worms really are to humans, and to give people more incentive to help prevent the Punvarian Worms from going extinct.

The public demonstration was the idea of a beautiful woman named Sandra Sentera. She is a strong advocate for the continued survival of the Punvarian Worms.

Ironically, Orvel, the person who voluntarily spent five days in the pit of Punvarian Worms, has no like for worms whatsoever. He only spent the five days in the pit as part of an attempt to win the love of Sandra Sentera. Sandra, of course, has no idea that Orvel doesn’t really care about the plight of the Punvarian Worms.

The night before Orvel went into the pit, he got to consummate his relationship with Sandra. Sandra had wanted to express her gratitude to Orvel for his forthcoming contribution to her cause, and this was the best way she knew how.

While in that horrible pit of worms, Orvel tried to not think about his predicament, trying to think only about Sandra and not about the worms. He repeatedly consoled himself with the idea that, after this horrible experience was over, Sandra would be madly in love with him, and would be so grateful to him that he would easily be able to complete his goal of making Sandra his wife.

A few seconds after being released from the pit, Orvel notices that Sandra isn’t around. Orvel finds this strange, as Sandra knew the exact day and time that he would be released from the pit. He assumed she would be here, eager to embrace him. But she isn’t.

A little later, after Orvel has cleaned himself up, he goes to Sandra’s apartment to see her. Outside the apartment, he knocks on its door.

A handsome man answers the door, much to Orvel’s confusion. The handsome man is smiling with a hint of smugness.

“Hello,” the handsome man says. “You must be Orvel. The worm pit guy. Wait here. I’ll get Sandra.”

The handsome man closes the door, leaving Orvel outside.

A few minutes later, Sandra opens the door.

“Hello, Orvel,” Sandra says. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Where were you?” Orvel says. “Why weren’t you there when they let me out of the pit?”

“I’m sorry,” Sandra says. “I know I should have been there for you. But I just wasn’t ready to face you. I wasn’t ready to give you the bad news.”

“What bad news?” Orvel says. “What are you talking about? Who was that guy?”

“That was Marco,” Sandra says, looking down, avoiding Orvel’s stare. “He’s my husband.”

“Husband?!” Orvel says. “You got married?!”

“Yes,” Sandra says. “I met Marco a few days ago, after you went into the pit. He and I got married yesterday.”

“But what about us?” Orvel says. “What about the night we spent together? Didn’t that mean anything to you?”

“I had fun that night,” Sandra says. “But what I have with Marco is special. You’re a nice guy, Orvel, but I just don’t love you. Marco is someone I actually care about. I’m sorry, Orvel. I think it would be best if we never spent time with each other again. Goodbye.”

Sandra closes the door, then locks it.

Orvel begins walking away sadly. He considers turning around, but then he realizes that it is a hopeless situation. Sandra is a Sentera, and Senteras never get divorced. Never. She is now forever out of his reach.

Orvel thinks about the Punvarian Worms, and how much Sandra cares about them. And at that moment, Orvel finds himself envious of those worms.