Anything for Sandra

In an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world, there is a large island called Punvaria. A man named Orvel has been living on Punvaria for some time now. Orvel traveled to the island from his native land after learning that a beautiful woman named Sandra Sentera lives on Punvaria.

Sandra is a nonuplet. She has eight identical sisters, none of whom live on Punvaria, and all of whom are estranged from Sandra and each other.

Unbeknownst to Sandra, Orvel used to be involved with one of Sandra’s identical sisters, Sara Sentera. Sara is now married to someone else and wants nothing more to do with Orvel. But Orvel is still obsessed with her. He would do anything to get her back, and to get her to love him like she never did before.

After learning of the existence of Sara’s eight identical, estranged sisters, Orvel set out to win the love of any one of those Sentera sisters. He has been determined to get one of them to love him, much like Sara never did.

Thus far, Orvel’s quest has been unsuccessful. Orvel tried to win the love of Sara’s sister Samantha. It ended badly for Orvel. Orvel then tried to win the love of Sara’s sister Sabrina. It also ended badly for Orvel. Now, like Sara, both Samantha and Sabrina want nothing more to do with Orvel.

So Orvel is now on the island Punvaria, trying to win the love of Sara’s sister Sandra.

Prior to meeting Sandra, Orvel was expecting her to be just like the other Sentera sisters he’d encountered: petty, shallow; flaky; cruel; thoughtless; spiteful. Much to Orvel’s surprise though, he has found Sandra to be quite different: kind; thoughtful; generous.

Sandra, who has been involved with many different charitable organizations over the years, moved from her native land to Punvaria to help save an endangered species that is exclusive to the island: the Punvarian Worms.

The Punvarian Worms have been on the island since ancient times. Though the worms are in fact harmless to humans, they are generally feared and disliked. Most people who live on the island think of the Punvarian Worms as small, evil monsters.

In ancient times on Punvaria, the Punvarian government would sentence citizens who had been found guilty of crimes to a punishment known as the Punvarian Price: having to spend a predetermined amount of time in a sealed pit containing thousands of Punvarian Worms. This form of punishment was eventually discarded by the Punvarian government, but it is still widely remembered on the island.

Because of the widespread fear and dislike of Punvarian Worms, not much effort has been made to prevent this endangered species from becoming extinct. Since coming to the island, Sandra has been trying very hard to convince the people of Punvaria that the Punvarian Worms are part of Punvaria’s rich history, and that every effort should be made to save them.

Since coming to Punvaria to attempt to win Sandra’s love, Orvel has been heavily involved in Sandra’s efforts to save the Punvarian Worms, though Orvel’s motivation has nothing to do with the Punvarian Worms and everything to do with Sandra Sentera. In fact, Orvel secretly hates worms. The very thought of them makes him very uncomfortable.

Today, Orvel and Sandra are walking around the island together, distributing pamphlets in support of their movement. Orvel helped Sandra make these pamphlets last night.

“Oh Orvel, I’m so grateful that you’re here to help me with this,” Sandra says. “You’ve been such a tremendous help to my cause. I’m ever so grateful to you. I wish there was some way I could truly express to you how grateful I am.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Orvel says, sneaking a glance at Sandra’s shapely body.

“I have something I want to share with you,” Sandra says. “Something very special. Something I wouldn’t share with just anyone.”

“What is it?” Orvel says, already certain of the answer.

“Follow me,” Sandra says.

Sandra leads Orvel to a nearly deserted part of the island, specifically to a large pit.

“What is this?” Orvel says, wondering if this is where Sandra wants to consummate her relationship with him.

“It’s a pit,” Sandra says. “It’s been a part of the island since ancient times. This is where guilty people would be punished. This is where they would have to pay the Punvarian Price. They would be forced into the pit, and then the pit would be filled with thousands of Punvarian Worms. And then the pit would be sealed, sometimes for hours, sometimes for a whole day. It’s because of this punishment that people today think so badly of the Punvarian Worms. But you and I are going to change people’s minds, Orvel. We’re going to do a public demonstration! Tomorrow, in front of a crowd of people, you’re going to voluntarily subject yourself to the Punvarian Price! And just to prove how non-dangerous the Punvarian Worms really are, you’re going to stay in the pit with the worms for five whole days, longer than anyone else in history! Five days, sealed in this pit with thousands of Punvarian Worms! And when you come out of it unscathed, everyone will realize how harmless the Punvarian Worms really are!”

“Oh,” Orvel says, desperately trying to figure a way out of this situation without ruining his chances with Sandra. “I… I think that…”

Sandra puts her arms around Orvel, looking mildly concerned. “You’ll do it, won’t you, Orvel?” Sandra says. “I would do it myself, but I find those worms so creepy. But you’ll do it, won’t you, Orvel? I would be so grateful. So very, very grateful.”

The prospect of experiencing Sandra’s gratitude destroys any possibility of Orvel avoiding the forthcoming horror. “Anything for you, Sandra,” Orvel says.