Two Actresses

There are two actresses who are friends with each other. Their names are Nicole and Naomi. They are both beautiful and famous and successful. However, Nicole is more famous and successful than Naomi. Nicole and Naomi recently performed in a widely-seen play. Nicole played the main character. Naomi played a minor supporting character.

Today, Nicole and Naomi are going to together attend the exclusive premiere of a movie called “Two Witches”. Many famous people are going to be attending the premiere.

Outside the movie theater where the premiere will occur, Nicole and Naomi are walking from Nicole’s limousine to the movie theater’s entrance.

Nicole is approached by a sleazy man named Gaz. Gaz is a photographer for a sleazy tabloid magazine. Nicole is quite familiar with Gaz. He has taken many, many pictures of Nicole, quite often at times when his presence was extremely unwelcome by Nicole.

At the moment, Gaz is aiming his camera at Nicole, taking pictures of her.

“I told you to stay away from me,” Nicole says.

“Oh come on, Nicole,” Gaz says. “It’s a movie premiere. What do you expect?”

“I had a restraining order taken out on you,” Nicole says. “You know you’re not allowed to be within ten miles of me.”

“So call the police,” Gaz says sarcastically, continuing to take pictures of Nicole.

“I hate you so much!” Nicole says. “I want you out of my life!”

Nicole grabs Gaz’s camera, then destroys it. From her ultra-expensive purse, she takes out a stun gun that she owns. Nicole uses her stun gun to stun Gaz. The electric shock that Gaz receives is so powerful that it causes him to fall to the ground and become unconscious.

Nicole goes into the movie theater. Naomi doesn’t go with her.

A few minutes later, Gaz regains consciousness. He sees an attractive pair of female legs. He looks up and realizes that the legs are Naomi’s. He’s always been so preoccupied with getting pictures of Nicole that he’s never taken much notice of Naomi. He is now noticing how beautiful she is.

Naomi is looking down at Gaz with an expression that is a mixture of amusement and pity.

Knowing how annoyed Nicole would be if Naomi were dating Gaz, Naomi says: “Will you be my date to the premiere?”

“Absolutely,” Gaz says.