In a movie theater, a movie is starting. The name of the movie is “Holograms”. The movie stars a beautiful actress named Zarlena. In the movie, Zarlena plays a character named Victoria, and another character named Vanessa.

In the movie, Victoria is the personal assistant of a brilliant scientist named Simon. Simon is very infatuated with Victoria, but she’s not interested in him.

In his home, Simon creates a machine that can generate living, sentient holograms. Using the machine, Simon creates a sentient hologram that looks exactly like Victoria. Simon names the hologram Vanessa.

Unlike Victoria, Vanessa seems to be very interested in Simon. She expresses a strong desire to have a relationship with Simon involving many, many intimate encounters.

Unfortunately for Simon, he is unable to achieve with Vanessa what he wants to achieve with Victoria, as Vanessa is made of light and is not solid.

Fueled by his own desires and Vanessa’s encouragement, Simon creates a machine that can transform living, sentient holograms into actual, solid people. Simon then proceeds to use the untested machine on Vanessa.

However, something goes wrong: the machine malfunctions and then explodes. Simon and Vanessa are both caught in the explosion.

After the smoke resulting from the explosion has cleared, Simon and Vanessa are both still alive. However, the malfunctioning, exploding machine has affected both Simon and Vanessa in different ways: Vanessa has been transformed into a real, solid person, whereas Simon has been transformed into a hologram.

Simon, who is now made of light and not solid, asks Vanessa to help him rebuild the damaged machine so he can transform himself back into a solid person.

Vanessa laughs cruelly. She explains to Simon that, like all other holograms, she is pure evil. She reveals to Simon that she was just using him to become solid.

She then proceeds to destroy the hologram-sustaining machine that Simon created to keep Vanessa alive when she was a hologram, and that he is now dependent on to keep himself alive. With that machine destroyed, Simon fades away.

Vanessa leaves Simon’s home in search of men more attractive than Simon.