Tonight, in a monstrously oversized ballroom, a company’s holiday party is occurring. The company is a very large, very successful corporation that manufactures and sells honey products. Most of the company’s employees are attending the party.

Loud dance music is being played in the ballroom. Many of the party’s guests are dancing.

At the moment, the honey corporation’s owner and president, a beautiful woman named Gloria, is dancing suggestively with a handsome male employee named Thad. Thad has been intimately involved with Gloria for some time now. He has also been having intimate encounters with various other attractive women who work for the company. Tonight though, he will be leaving the party with Gloria.

At the moment, Gloria is dancing with Thad in a way that would be considered inappropriate even if this weren’t a workplace function. It’s as if Gloria wants all the other party guests to be able to envision what the rest of her and Thad’s night will be like after they leave the party together.

Nerwin, a male employee who works in the cubicle next to Thad’s cubicle, is not dancing. He is in no mood to dance. Instead, he is standing in a corner of the ballroom and drinking an alcoholic beverage and bitterly watching Thad, who currently has both Gloria’s arms and Gloria’s legs wrapped around him.

Nerwin thinks: why couldn’t Gloria be enough for him?; why did he have to get involved with Jenna too?; and why does he have to be interested in Maria?

Jenna is a female employee who Nerwin had a crush on. Thad has become intimately involved with her. Maria is a female employee who Nerwin currently has a crush on. Thad has expressed interest in getting involved with her too. Nerwin recently overheard several flirtatious conversations between Thad and Maria. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before something happens between them.

So Nerwin is bitter and trying to drown his bitterness with alcohol. He doesn’t even remember what compelled him to attend this horrible party.

Nerwin sees Maria standing on the other side of the room. She is looking very beautiful tonight. At the moment, Maria is talking with a woman who Nerwin finds very unattractive. The woman’s name is Blerva. Blerva is one of the corporation’s vice presidents.

Nerwin, who is very drunk, is feeling quite bold thanks to the alcohol. He spontaneously decides that he’s going to walk over to the other side of the room and profess his desire for Maria to Maria. He thinks: what have I got to lose?

So, fueled by alcohol, Nerwin begins walking over to the other side of the room, to Maria.

The next morning, Nerwin wakes up on a bed, in a bedroom he doesn’t recognize. He has a terrible headache and can’t remember anything that occurred after he started walking over to Maria last night.

Nerwin senses that someone is sleeping next to him on the bed. For a millisecond, he thinks: could it be Maria?

Then he turns his head and sees that the person sleeping next to him is Blerva.

Nerwin wants to scream, but he is afraid to do anything that might awaken her.