During an afternoon, in the mansion of a rich, divorced woman named Strinella, Strinella is in her bedroom, getting ready for an exclusive party that will be occurring in her mansion in the evening. Strinella has this party in her mansion every year. Many, many rich people will be attending the party tonight.

Elsewhere in the mansion, a sleazy man named Andrew Squervil is also getting ready for the party. Andrew, who is not rich, is currently living in the mansion as Strinella’s plaything. Andrew would very much enjoy this living situation if not for the fact that he finds Strinella utterly repulsive. Andrew continues to subject himself to this misery-inducing living situation only because he feels that it is the least undesirable living option currently available to him.

Andrew has a goal to become rich. He intends to accomplish this goal by marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman, thereby gaining access to her wealth. Though Andrew would prefer that the rich woman be beautiful, he would even be willing to marry a rich woman he found unattractive, like Strinella, to accomplish his goal. Unfortunately for Andrew, Strinella has made it clear to him that she will never let him marry her for her money. She knows that doing that would take away all the power she currently holds over him.

Despite his current misery-inducing living situation, Andrew is in a good mood at the moment. He perceives Strinella’s party as an opportunity to meet rich, beautiful, single women who he could potentially con into marriage. For that reason, Andrew has been looking forward to Strinella’s party for weeks.

A very tall, very muscular woman who looks like a bodybuilder enters the room that Andrew is in. Her name is Thona. Thona is Strinella’s new personal assistant. Though Thona and Andrew have only known each other for a few days, they already dislike each other intensely. Thona dislikes Andrew because she thinks he is a sleazy womanizer. Andrew dislikes Thona because he dislikes all women who he does not find attractive.

Thona has a knowing smirk on her face. “So I suppose you’re not going to be living here much longer,” Thona says.

“What do you mean?” Andrew says.

“Oh, you didn’t hear the news?” Thona says. “Strinella’s ex-husband has expressed interest in reconciling with Strinella. He’s been calling her and sending her letters. He’s going to be attending the party. Strinella expects to reconcile with him tonight. And after they get back together, Strinella will want nothing more to do with you. She’ll evict you from the mansion.”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Andrew says, trying to not appear worried. “Strinella can’t get enough of me. She would never get rid of me.”

“Don’t be so sure of that, Andrew,” Thona says. “She’s been telling me all about her plans for the future. And they all involve her ex-husband and not you.”

Andrew is troubled by this news, but he tries to not let it show. He is thinking that, he now has even more incentive to succeed at his objective of wooing one of the rich, beautiful, single women attending the party tonight.

“That reminds me: Strinella asked me to tell you that you’re banned from attending the party tonight,” Thona says.

“What?” Andrew says, stunned.

“She doesn’t want you around to interfere with things between her and her ex-husband,” Thona says.

Andrew is increasingly angry. “This isn’t fair,” Andrew says. “I have every right to attend that party. I must attend that party. I am going to attend that party! No one is going to stop me from attending that party! Do you hear me?”

Thona laughs, amused by Andrew’s anger. “You’re wrong, Andrew,” Thona says. “I am going to stop you from attending that party. And I’m going to enjoy doing it.”

Thona begins walking toward Andrew.

Later, in the evening, the party is occurring in Strinella’s mansion. Many people are in attendance.

Andrew is in one of the mansion’s closets. His arms and legs are tied up, and his mouth is gagged, so he can not move or speak. Thona did this to him. She told Andrew that she won’t free him until after the party ends.

Through a small hole in the closet’s door, Andrew can see the party occurring without him. He sees many beautiful, wealthy-looking, single-looking women in attendance. Andrew also sees Strinella and her ex-husband chatting with each other flirtatiously. Andrew wants to scream, but he can’t.