Return to Strinella

During a morning, a sleazy man named Andrew Squervil is walking toward the mansion of a rich, divorced woman named Strinella. Andrew, who is not rich, used to live in Strinella’s mansion as Strinella’s plaything. This would have been an enjoyable living arrangement for Andrew if not for the fact that he does not find Strinella attractive at all. Living with Strinella was one of the most unpleasant experiences of his life. And now he is returning there.

A few hours earlier, Andrew returned to his native land, where Strinella’s mansion is located. Prior to that, he was living on an island located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world.

On that island is a rich, single woman named Eternia. Eternia is the island’s queen and sole ruler. She lives in a mansion in the center of the island.

Andrew had moved out of Strinella’s mansion and traveled to the island for the purpose of seducing the island’s queen and subsequently marrying her for her money.

It didn’t work out exactly as Andrew had planned. He did succeed at seducing the queen, and she did subsequently accept his marriage proposal. However, some time before the wedding was to occur, the queen caught Andrew cheating on her with of her attractive maids. The queen was furious. She pummeled Andrew mercilessly, then subjected him to a punishment that caused him to be miserable for a very, very, very long time.

Though the punishment seemed to be endless, it did in fact come to an end when Andrew escaped from the queen and her island.

And now Andrew is back in his native land, eager to put all that unpleasantness behind him and resume his pursuit of his goal of becoming rich. As before, Andrew intends to achieve this goal by marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman, thereby gaining access to her wealth.

Unfortunately for Andrew, he is in need of an inexpensive place to stay. More unfortunately for Andrew, he feels that Strinella’s mansion is the least undesirable living option currently available to him, despite the fact the he finds Strinella repulsive and has hated every moment that he was with her.

Outside of Strinella’s mansion, Andrew knocks on the mansion’s front door. Strinella opens the door. She is wearing one of her many garish, multicolored robes. Andrew has come to dislike those robes almost as much as he dislikes Strinella.

Seeing Andrew, Strinella is smiling cruelly. “Well, well, well, look who it is,” Strinella says. “Andrew Squervil. What a delicious surprise. What happened? I thought you said you were leaving me to marry a rich, beautiful woman on an island. Isn’t that what you told me?”

Andrew wants to spit on Strinella’s face so badly. “It didn’t work out,” he says.

“What a shock,” Strinella says. “So I guess you’re back now?”

“Yes,” Andrew says, bitterly.

“Wonderful!” Strinella says. “Though I should advise you, things aren’t going to be exactly like they were before. You may no longer drive my blue car. You’ve lost that privilege.”

This news saddens Andrew. He loved driving Strinella’s ultra-expensive, ultra-sleek blue car, enjoying the feeling of high status, enjoying the envious looks of people on the street, people who would never, ever get to drive a car that expensive. For Andrew, getting to drive that car was one small bit of light in a sea of darkness.

To make matters worse for Andrew, he knows that Strinella will never let him marry her for her money. That would take away all the power she currently holds over him.

“Come with me, Andrew,” Strinella says.

Feeling more defeated than ever before, Andrew enters Strinella’s mansion, then follows Strinella to her bedroom.