Keeka’s New Boyfriend

Orvel is living in a mansion and he is miserable. The mansion belongs to Orvel’s rich, plump girlfriend Keeka. Keeka became rich by winning a lottery some time ago. She became plump by eating many, many fattening foods.

Orvel has been living with Keeka in her mansion for several weeks. He moved into the mansion per Keeka’s request. Prior to that, they had only known each other for a few days.

Orvel doesn’t find Keeka attractive, but it has nothing to do with her being overweight. The truth is, Orvel no longer finds any women attractive except women who look like or are a woman named Sara Sentera. Orvel had been involved with Sara some time ago. But that’s over now. Sara is married to someone else now and wants nothing more to do with Orvel. But he is still obsessed with her. He would do anything to get her back, and to get her to love him like she never did before. That’s why Orvel has gotten into a relationship with Keeka. It is all part of Orvel’s plan.

Keeka, of course, is oblivious to Orvel’s true intentions. Keeka thinks that Orvel actually loves her, and she is hopeful that he will be issuing a marriage proposal to her soon.

At the moment, it is morning, and Orvel and Keeka are in Keeka’s mansion, laying together in Keeka’s bed.

“Oh Orvel, the last few weeks with you have been just wonderful,” Keeka says. “Being with you has really helped me get over all the horrible experiences I had with other men. You’re not unsupportive, like Gil was, or sleazy, like Andrew was, or in love with another woman, like Blake was. You’re everything those men were not! I love you so much!”

“And I love you, Keeka,” Orvel says, lying.

There was a time when Orvel would have felt bad about using Keeka to obtain the love of another woman. But Orvel is now too far gone in his obsession to feel guilt over such things.

“I was thinking that, now that we’re in a serious relationship, we should meet each other’s friends,” Orvel says.

“But darling, you’ve already met my friends,” Keeka says, referring to four of her rich female neighbors. “And you told me you don’t have any friends.”

“Yes, but I was thinking I could meet some of your other friends,” Orvel says.

“I don’t have any other friends,” Keeka says.

“What about that friend you mentioned the other night?” Orvel says. “Sabrina.”

“Sabrina Sentera?” Keeka says, confused. “I mentioned Sabrina Sentera to you? That’s weird. I don’t remember telling you about Sabrina.”

“Well, you were very drunk that night,” Orvel says. “You told me a lot of stuff that you probably don’t remember telling me now.”

“I guess,” Keeka says, still baffled.

“So how about you introduce me to Sabrina?” Orvel says.

“I don’t know,” Keeka says. “I haven’t spoken with Sabrina in quite some time. We lost touch after I won the lottery.”

“Well, now’s as good a time as any to get back in touch with her,” Orvel says.

“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” Keeka says, now mildly baffled by Orvel’s insistence. “I’ll give her a call today. Perhaps we can all have dinner together.”

“Yes, that would be lovely,” Orvel says, trying to not appear too excited.

“You’ll find her very interesting,” Keeka says. “She’s a nonuplet.”

“Really?” Orvel says, acting surprised. “She has eight identical sisters?”

“Yes,” Keeka says. “I never met any of them though. Sabrina is estranged from them. And her sisters are all estranged from each other as well. According to Sabrina, they all hate each other. Though I sometimes suspect that Sabrina doesn’t actually have any identical sisters; that she just made them up.”

“Really?” Orvel says. “Why do you think that?”

“Well, I’ve never seen any pictures of her sisters,” Keeka says. “Sabrina said she doesn’t keep any pictures of them because she hates them, but it sounds a little dubious to me.”

“Yes, that does sound dubious,” Orvel says, even though he knows that Sabrina’s eight identical sisters are very, very real.

After Sara Sentera got married to someone else, Orvel learned about the existence of Sara’s eight estranged, identical sisters: Samantha and Sabrina and Sandra and Selena and Simona and Sonya and Severia and Sustranna. To Orvel, they are eight other versions of Sara. Eight more chances to get her to love me back, he thought.

Though it is only seven more chances now. He tried to win the love of Sara’s sister Samantha, but failed. Like Sara, Samantha is now married to someone else and wants nothing more to do with Orvel. So now, Orvel is pursuing the love of Sabrina.

This time, Orvel is trying a different approach. Convinced that Sabrina is exactly like Sara and Samantha personality-wise, Orvel expects Sabrina to be petty, shallow, flaky, cruel, thoughtless, spiteful, and the type of woman who would initiate an affair with her friend’s boyfriend. Orvel intends for Keeka to be that friend, and for him to be that boyfriend. He intends to manipulate Sabrina into initiating an affair with him, and eventually falling in love with him, the way that Sara and Samantha never did. It is all part of Orvel’s plan.

Orvel kisses Keeka, imagining that she is a Sentera sister. This time things will turn out differently, he thinks, trying to ignore his uncertainty.