Today, in a flower shop, its only employee currently on duty, a beautiful woman named Samantha Sentera, is standing at the counter. Also in the flower shop is a man named Orvel. Moments ago, Samantha informed Orvel that she is going to get married to her boyfriend Heath. Orvel is reacting poorly to this news.

“I don’t understand!” Orvel says. “I thought you were going to break up with him!”

“I never said that,” Samantha says. “That was just wishful thinking on your part. Heath proposed to me last night and I said yes. Our wedding is tomorrow.”

“But he cheated on you!” Orvel says.

“Yes, and I cheated on him, with you,” Samantha says.

“But he cheated on you first!” Orvel says. “And he’ll cheat on you again!”

“Heath and I have had our problems,” Samantha says. “But he’s a changed man now.”

“How can you say that?” Orvel says. “It’s been less than a week since you found out he was cheating on you!”

“Heath realizes now what he did was wrong, and he promised to never get caught cheating on me again,” Samantha says.

“Samantha, you’re making a big mistake!” Orvel says.

“Heath told me you would say that,” Samantha says.

“He’s a jerk!” Orvel says. “He doesn’t appreciate you or love you like I do! It’s me you belong with, Samantha! Me!”

“Orvel, Heath and I both think it would be best if you and I never saw each other again,” Samantha says. “Heath doesn’t like you, and wants me to stay away from you. And I should honor his wishes. He is my future husband after all. So this is goodbye.”

Later, Orvel is walking back to the motel where he has been staying ever since he relocated to this town as part of his romantic pursuit of Samantha Sentera. He is feeling sad, but not defeated. He has not given up just yet.

Orvel enters his motel room. Much to his surprise, Samantha’s boyfriend Heath and four large men are in the motel room. Two of the large men grab Orvel, then hold him down while one of the other large men punches Orvel repeatedly.

“Hello, Orvel,” Heath says.

“How did you get in here?” Orvel says.

“The woman at the front desk let us in,” Heath says. “I told her we’re friends of yours and wanted to have a surprise party for you in your motel room. It’s amazing what women will believe if you’re attractive and charming.”

“What do you want?” Orvel says.

“My friends and I are here to stop you from ruining my wedding tomorrow,” Heath says. “I know how obsessed you are with Samantha, and I know you intend to disrupt the wedding ceremony tomorrow as part of some last desperate attempt to convince Samantha to marry you instead of me. Initially, I was going to have my friends keep you here until the wedding is over. But then I thought: ‘Why should my friends have to miss my wedding just because of some loser who’s obsessed with Samantha?’ So I came up with a better idea.”

Heath nods at the large man who had been punching Orvel. The large man goes into another room, then returns carrying a very large can.

“There’s more where that came from,” Heath says. “I wasn’t sure how much plaster I would need, so I bought several cans of it. Don’t worry though, Orvel: my friends will release you from your plaster prison, after I’ve married Samantha. Let’s begin, shall we?”

Orvel tries to break free of the large men’s grip, but he can’t.

The following morning, a few hours before the wedding is to occur, Heath and Samantha enter the ballroom where they will be getting married.

“So what is this big surprise you wanted to show me so badly?” Samantha says.

“This,” Heath says, pointing to the surprise. “I made it for you last night.”

It is a large, man-shaped figure made out of plaster. The figure is wearing a tuxedo and a top hat, the type of clothes someone might wear to a wedding.

Samantha is amazed. “You made this for me?” she says.

“Well, you’re always making beautiful paintings for me as gifts,” Heath says. “I figured I should return the favor with an artistic gift of my own.”

“It’s wonderful!” Samantha says. She hugs and kisses Heath. “I love you so much, Heath!” Samantha says.

“And I love you, Samantha,” Heath says.

Heath smirks at the plaster figure.

Inside the plaster figure, Orvel wants to scream, but he can’t. Before covering Orvel in plaster, Heath taped Orvel’s mouth shut. Orvel can’t move at all either, as the plaster is keeping him stuck in one position. All Orvel can do is watch Samantha and Heath through the tiny, barely visible holes Heath poked in the plaster figure’s head so that Orvel can breathe, and also so that Orvel will see Heath getting married to Samantha.

Later that day, Heath and Samantha get married in a ceremony that is enjoyed by all but one of the guests in attendance. Inside his plaster prison, Orvel knows Samantha is forever out of his reach: Samantha is a Sentera, and Senteras never get divorced, no matter how horrible their spouses turn out to be.