During an evening, Orvel is walking to the home of a beautiful woman named Samantha Sentera. Orvel is carrying roses that he recently purchased. He bought the roses for Samantha. Orvel has been madly infatuated with Samantha for quite some time.

Samantha works at a flower shop, but she is also an artist, specifically a painter. She has created many paintings, most of which have been purchased by Orvel. Orvel would buy anything from Samantha. He has lost a very significant portion of his savings due to his purchases of Samantha’s paintings. He expects to lose even more in the near future, as he is going to meet Samantha at her home tonight so she can show her newest painting to him. Orvel already knows he will purchase it, no matter how mediocre it is. Orvel sometimes wonders how many more of Samantha’s paintings he will have to buy before she begins to love him back.

Unfortunately for Orvel, Samantha is in a steady relationship with someone else, a man named Heath. Samantha, who is very aware of Orvel’s infatuation with her, has told Orvel that she wants to be just platonic friends with him, at least for now, until she figures out her feelings for Heath. This has led Orvel to think that there exists a possibility that he and Samantha might end up living happily ever after together. For that reason, Orvel continues to romantically pursue Samantha, and continues to buy paintings from her.

Orvel arrives at the front door of Samantha’s home. He knocks on the door. Samantha lets him in.

“These are for you,” Orvel says, holding out the roses to Samantha.

Samantha takes the roses. “Thanks,” she says. “You’re such a good friend to me, Orvel.” She absent-mindedly puts the roses with all the other roses Orvel has recently bought her.

“Have you been crying?” Orvel says, noticing Samantha’s eyes.

“Yes,” Samantha says. Suddenly, she starts sobbing uncontrollably. She grabs onto Orvel, squeezing him tightly, and begins crying into his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Orvel says, acting concerned, but secretly glad to be getting squeezed by Samantha, and to have her head on his shoulder.

“Oh Orvel, it’s terrible!” Samantha says. “I found out Heath has been cheating on me!

“He has?” Orvel says, acting saddened, but secretly delighted that Heath and Samantha’s relationship is apparently in trouble.

“Yes!” Samantha says. “I caught him today with another woman in his bedroom. He tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal. He said it doesn’t count as cheating because he doesn’t love the woman he’s been cheating on me with. He actually tried to act like I was being irrational for being angry with him! Can you believe that? He’s such a jerk! Why are all men such jerks?”

“We’re not all jerks, Samantha,” Orvel says.

“Yes, you’re right, Orvel,” Samantha says. “You’re not a jerk. You’ve always been good to me.” Suddenly, Samantha begins kissing Orvel.

Later, after Orvel and Samantha have consummated their apparent relationship, they are laying together on the floor in the living room of Samantha’s home.

It’s finally happening, Orvel thinks, convinced he’s obtained Samantha’s love, convinced he and Samantha will live happily ever after together, convinced he won’t have to buy any more of Samantha’s horrible paintings.

That will show Heath, Samantha thinks. She expects Heath will become insanely jealous when he finds out about her meaningless intimate encounter with Orvel. She suspects that Heath, having gotten a taste of his own medicine, will beg her forgiveness and promise to never cheat on her with anyone else ever again.

Feeling better, Samantha turns to Orvel. “Let’s go to the basement now,” Samantha says.

“What’s in the basement?” Orvel says.

“My newest painting,” Samantha says.