In the mansion of a rich woman named Strinella, a sleazy, non-rich man named Andrew Squervil is looking out a window. Andrew is Strinella’s current plaything. Strinella is letting Andrew live in her mansion indefinitely and rent-free. This living arrangement would be ideal for Andrew if not for the fact that he finds Strinella thoroughly repulsive. He hates every moment that he is with her. And unfortunately for Andrew, Strinella has an insatiable appetite for him.

Andrew, who is currently experiencing a very brief respite from Strinella, is looking out a window, at another mansion nearby. This other mansion belongs to Andrew’s beautiful, rich ex-girlfriend Koila. Andrew used to live with Koila in her mansion when they were still a couple. Andrew almost succeeded at marrying Koila for her money. They were engaged and even had a wedding date planned. But the engagement and their relationship and the living arrangement all came to an end after Koila learned that Andrew was cheating on her with Koila’s beautiful live-in maid Tresella. Koila dumped Andrew and fired Tresella and evicted them both from the mansion.

And now Andrew is living with Strinella, his former neighbor. In this living situation, he is miserable all of the time, but he does not leave, as he feels that it is the least undesirable living situation currently available to him.

From his vantage point, Andrew sees Koila stepping out of her outdoor, inground pool. She is wearing a very revealing bikini. Andrew misses that pool and Koila’s body and Koila’s mansion in general. He wants to go back to it all so badly.

Koila’s maid Tresella hands Koila a towel so she can dry herself off. Koila has apparently forgiven and rehired Tresella.

Andrew briefly wonders if there is a chance Koila would forgive him again and take him back again. But then he sighs sadly, knowing he’s used up all his chances with Koila.

Andrew hears a loud bell being rung in Strinella’s mansion. The bell is in Strinella’s bedroom. Strinella rings the bell whenever she wants Andrew to join her there. Andrew hates that bell so much.

Andrew joins Strinella in her bedroom. He tries to imagine that Strinella is Koila or Tresella, but he can’t make it happen.