Today, on the 135th floor of an office building of a corporation that manufactures and sells honey products, a man named Nerwin is sitting in his cubicle. Nerwin is a low-level employee at this honey corporation.

Nerwin is supposed to be working on a project now, but he is instead thinking about Jenna, an attractive female employee of the corporation. Nerwin has been infatuated with Jenna for quite some time. Nerwin very recently received some distressing news about Jenna: that she had become intimately involved with a sleazy male co-worker named Thad.

Nerwin is still very upset by this news. He didn’t think Jenna was the type of woman who would get involved with someone like Thad. Nerwin thought Jenna was different.

But now Nerwin is thinking that perhaps this news about Jenna is for the best; that perhaps this development will eradicate the hopeless infatuation he has with her. And it truly is a hopeless infatuation: Jenna, who has known Nerwin for years and has work-related interactions with him nearly every day, is barely aware of Nerwin’s existence. In fact, she thinks Nerwin’s name is Derwin.

Nerwin is now realizing the absurdity of being infatuated with a woman who can’t even remember his name. And with that, Nerwin is free of his infatuation with Jenna.

A few minutes later, an attractive female co-worker who Nerwin has never seen before enters Nerwin’s cubicle. Nerwin is overwhelmed by so much about her: her brown eyes; her dark hair; her shapely body; the conservative-but-nevertheless-revealing dress she is wearing.

“Hello,” she says. “I’m Maria. I’m new here.” She extends her hand.

“Hello,” Nerwin says, shaking Maria’s hand. “I’m Nerwin.”

He lets go of Maria’s hand, even though he’d like to hold it forever.

“Do you have any pens?” Maria says. “I don’t have any in my cubicle.”

Nerwin gives Maria all of his pens.

“Thanks, Kerwin!” Maria says. She exits Nerwin’s cubicle.

And with that, Nerwin is once again doomed.