The Strinella Trap

At the moment, non-rich person Andrew Squervil is carrying on a secret affair with his rich fiancee’s maid Tresella in the master bedroom of his fiancee’s mansion while his fiancee is away with her friends, shopping for the perfect wedding dress. This affair between Andrew and the maid has been going on for quite some time now.

Andrew and Tresella are on his fiancee’s bed, having what they think is a private encounter between them. However, unbeknownst to them, the curtain covering the bedroom’s window is ajar.

Nearby, there is a blue mansion, one of the many mansions that are located in this upper-class neighborhood that Andrew’s fiancee lives in. In this blue mansion, its owner is standing by a window. The owner is a woman named Strinella. She is fairly new to the neighborhood. She is very rich and very divorced.

The window that Strinella is standing by faces the mansion of Andrew’s fiancee, the side of the mansion that the master bedroom is on. At the moment, Strinella is looking through a very dainty, ultra-expensive pair of binoculars, watching Andrew carry on his affair with his fiancee’s maid.

Were it not for the window curtain in Andrew’s fiancee’s bedroom being ajar, Strinella would have never found out about the affair. Were it not for the ajar window curtain, Andrew would have lived happily ever after, with permanent access to and ownership of his fiancee’s wealth. But now, instead, Andrew has unknowingly fallen into Strinella’s trap.

A few days ago, Strinella attended a party that Andrew’s fiancee was having at her mansion. All of the neighborhood’s residents had been invited to this party. During this party, Andrew’s fiancee introduced Andrew and Strinella to each other. Upon seeing Andrew for the first time, Strinella wanted him badly, and became determined to do whatever it took to make him hers.

Ironically, or perhaps not so ironically, upon meeting Strinella, Andrew found her quite unattractive. There had been numerous times in Andrew’s past in which he had had intimate encounters with women he found unattractive in order to achieve ulterior motives. Seeing Strinella made Andrew glad that those days were apparently behind him now.

But Andrew was wrong.

As Strinella watches Andrew carrying on his secret affair, she can tell he is quite happy, and she knows that, in order for her to get what she wants, she will have to do things that will take away Andrew’s happiness. But Andrew’s happiness is of no concern to Strinella.

Strinella grins to herself, amused by the thought that Andrew is completely unaware that he will soon lose both his beautiful fiancee and her equally beautiful maid, and will become Strinella’s personal plaything.

“You’re mine, Andrew Squervil,” Strinella says.